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  1. ashley1

    I finally made something I really love. What do you think?

    I'm not sure how the colors will look on other monitors as colors look different on them. So, I made something today that I really love and would like to know what anyone thinks about it. So here goes:
  2. O

    Help! - Create a net in Photoshop?

    Hello! I'll jump right into it, found this website and somehow the background really caught my attention. Tried to make myself a copy in Photoshop but not with desired look. Does anyone know if this is made in Photoshop and if, how could i recreate it? (EDIT. It's only the background]...
  3. IamSam

    Propososed changes to challenges.

    Here are the proposed changes to the challenges. Please post your comments pro or con on the changes or any suggestions you might have. Our hope is that you, the members, may see issues that we don't. 1. One entry per member. Do your best work on one image. 2. Entries are hidden until the...
  4. IamSam

    Winner of Challege 32 - Tube World

    Since there was a tie between chrisdesign and Helios, the decision for a winner was made by the PSG staff members. The winner of Challenge 32 - Tube world, is Helios. Congratulations Helios! Note: Be on the look out for some new changes to the challenge rules coming soon. These will be...
  5. F

    Help, when I try to play the gif I made, it only displays 1 frame

    I made a gif and saved it as a .gif, but it isn't playing like a gif should. When I go to play it it only shows 1 frame. Can somebody please fix it for me and explain what you did. EDIT: Attachments for this site aren't working so I put it on mediafire...
  6. M

    Touch up 3d face

    Just some rather quick painting by hand on the 3D image. Also made the background transparent. First thing I do in photoshop for 1.5 years. Before After
  7. M

    Photo Editing Suggestions

    Hi Comrades! I am including an attachment in zip form and would like some feedback. I have labeled the layers as to what I did from the original picture. Now this is the first time, ever, that I have Photoshopped a picture. I am open to all critiquing and suggestions. Please don't leave out...
  8. W

    How this logo is made ?

    How this logo is made ? Which effect is added ?
  9. Paul

    3D New beginnings all for free

    Decided to stay with the free fully functioning Blender program and so far confused but gripped:cheesygrin: I thought why spend cash on something i will only use hop and a catch not like it's my passion or anything, my love affair is with Photoshop firstly this new stuff is merely a play thing...
  10. K

    View large canvas

    I'm a beginner so excuse my lack of skill. I'm trying to design a business card. I made a new file and made the dimensions about 3 inches long and 2.5 inches wide. The new image on my screen is the actual real size, so I'm basically working with this tiny image. I was expecting to be working...
  11. agentmoeller

    Made a funny pic....

    .... a little bit funnier.
  12. Z

    Star Wars ASN-121 Droid WIP

    Hey Guys Before I show, just to give some background to the ASN-121, it's the droid seen in the beginning of Star Wars Episode II, It's a modified courier droid that belonged to the ill fated assassin Zam Wesell. This was the concept I worked from: this was a render made after 3 and 1/2...
  13. Z

    3D 9k35 Strela 10 (Surface to Air Missile Launcher)- 3D gaming model

    So I was really pleased with this model, made over the past few weeks, finally getting around to sharing it with you guys. This is the 9k35 Strela 10, or SA-13 Gopher to anyone using NATO codenames. It's a russian Surface to Air Missile (SAM) launcher based on the MTLB platform, I modelled it...
  14. iamJAWS

    scary forest

    As being bored, I made this image. It is all made only by photoshop from scratch. I would really like your opinion. And if I could make something better please tell me so :D Thanks!
  15. Paul

    Warrior call.

    Original. Rework. Made by using selective colour picker and colour adjustments.
  16. T

    How to create a Saturation mask?

    Luminosity masks are in, but it is also possible to create a saturation mask. A guy named Greg has made a panel named lumiSomeThing where, among others, saturation and vibrancy masks can be made. I can buy the panel, which is probably what I will do anyway , but I would like to know how a...
  17. Paul

    Current Affairs

    I thought it was funny while i made it:bustagut:
  18. B

    Need Help with Photo newbie

    Hi everyone is there anyone who can help me or teach me fix this photo? the problem is that the light from the projector made a mess of the faces please help me thanks!!!
  19. G

    Soft High Contrast Look?

    How can I achieve the look and effect that was done to Russell Wilson(the player)? It's soft, contrasty, a little bit grungy, and you can still see him perfectly. Is it made with a plugin like topaz labs?
  20. J

    Outlining A Layer/Item With Vector Based Image?

    Hi guys, Forgive me as I'm still learning the terminology used in Photoshop. So here's what I'm trying to do. I want to snap a bicycle chain to the work path I created around a logo. Basically have a bicycle chain bend and maneuver it's way around the whole outside of this logo which is it's...