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logo design needed PAYING $50

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Hi all,

I need a logo made for my real estate investment company.

The logo will be used for our business cards, website, signs, advertisements, etc. so it is very important that we get the right one. We have an idea of what we want and a concept made already, so it should be fairly simple.

I will pay $50 for the logo design via paypal or chase quickpay.

I need this done by this Sunday, 10/1.

Please PM me for further details. Thank you.
Mods, this can be closed.

Communication was limited, created 3 concepts for the client and not heard anything back for 4 days.

Client may well have gone else where or got a cheaper quote.


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The thread will be closed if the OP doesn't react on forum after 10 days.
If there's no reply from him by tomorrow I'll close this thread.
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