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Creating surface from image? (3d photoshop?)


Hi guys, really appreciated the help yesterday, has some good results. now i'm wanting to create an extrusion, but apply an image to it... Can this be done in 3d? or does it have to be made in 3d, flattened and applied as an overlay afterwards?

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I looked for a good tutorial on YT for applying materials in PS 3D but couldn't find one.

So in a nutshell:

Extrude your object and apply the desired depht
Select all sides, open the diffuse map and choose 'replace texture'
Pick your texture (in this case a concrete texture)


To make the extrusion side fitting open the UV proporties and use the sliders to make the texture fit on the extrusion



Use the same image for the bump and adjust the bump at will.
Adjust the light and IBL (image based light) and softness of the shadow and render.
(You can go out for dinner now, PS 3D is extremely slow in rendering...)

You should get something like this

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Thanks, very helpful! can i apply this texture to only some extrusions? I've basicly drew a 2d shape, extruded it. but when im applying this it's applying to all sides which have been extruded... can i say "just put this pattern on the top face"?
Yes you can.

Make your extrusion


Select the extrusion in the panel and in diffuse choose edit texture. You'll get a new document with a 'mesh' of the four extrusion sides


Make a new layer in that new document and color one side (mesh) green


click on save!


Now one side has the choosen color (Adobe PS 3D works in a funny way - you may have to rotate the object to find the colored extrusion side)