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  1. M

    How do I create those sparks ?

    I want to re-create those kind of sparks, how do I do it?
  2. F

    Can someone please remove the kid from the picture

    Would anyone be kind enough to remove the little kid in the front from the picture
  3. D

    Distorted retro style 3d text

    A style popular in video games of a certain era, how would it be possible to recreate this in photoshop? Preferably without using the 3D tools? Is there a shortcut to getting that kind of depth that changes direction to make the text look like it bends away from you?
  4. A

    Creating surface from image? (3d photoshop?)

    Hi guys, really appreciated the help yesterday, has some good results. now i'm wanting to create an extrusion, but apply an image to it... Can this be done in 3d? or does it have to be made in 3d, flattened and applied as an overlay afterwards? Kind Regards. Andy
  5. P

    After Effects How to make this effect? (link attached).

    Please help me out how to make this kind of .gif I want to learn
  6. S

    hard photoshop challenge

    I want you to draw me and an anime character (named: Chihiro Kosaka) like lover in a photo. I can help you whatever you want. thank you for your consideration.
  7. B

    Logo help please!!

    Probably many wont even bother with this but i'll give a shot! So I really need a logo for this pub... Can you please crop the " St. Andrew's Scottish Pub" out of the glass and background? [ If it's impossible or way too hard to do can you at least make something similar as a logo? Some...
  8. N

    Logo Help.....Any help is much appreciated!!!

    Might be a little difficult as i seem to be having a tough time with it. Trying to change it the words Kings to Nerds in each of these logos. I appreciate any help you can offer as I know it may be difficult. I can usually do this kind of stuff but just need some help with this. Thank you again .
  9. S

    NEWBIE: Seeking help with creating a certain type of effect

    Hi everyone, I'm new here so hoping it's okay to post this kind of request here. I'm working on a project and I want to create an image thats kind of "cartoony"... The image I have attached is exactly what I am trying to create in terms of the effects.... the background is very high...
  10. H

    new addition

    Hi everybody, I am new here and I might be a bit of an unconventional PS user. I am a scientist working on algae and I use PS to track changes of area over time. Most of my posts will in all likelihood be related to those kind of issues. Regards, hannan
  11. M

    Remove mustache

    Hi everyone, I would love to print this picture but it was taken at a time when i thought i could grow a 'mustache' and it looked kind of bad. Can anyone remove it and the patch of hair under my lip? Thanks a lot!
  12. S

    3D Displacement map for 3d

    Hi! I need advice for how to create sci-fi displacement maps for 3D software. Like 3DS Max and Blender (I have used Blender last 10 years). Is it there script for this kind of work? I put here example image so you can see what i mean. :cry:
  13. T

    Need recreation of 3D text.

    Hello! Is anyone able to recreate some 3D text? I need the number "10" from this image to be recreated as accurately as possible. I know this is kind of a sucky task. Thanks in advance!
  14. V

    How to create 3d button press???

    I am building a game, and I need an interface similar to the following. If anyone is kind, please give me a video tutorial. I do not want to infringe copyright, so I will create beautiful products but not duplicate. So I need to learn what kind of instructions to do, please send me a comment...
  15. L

    How can I make a logo like this in Photoshop?

    Im quiet new at Photoshop. Are there any tutorials for that kind of logo?
  16. M

    Please help me kindly for my dads urn (photoshop smoothing)

    Hi all, My dad passed away suddenly just before christmas last year and we have ordered an urn, specifically to engrave on for a personal touch. I had found a meaningful image online, which is the irish claddagh symbol of friendship, loyalty and love. However, when I handed it over to the...
  17. T

    Water effect similar to this picture

    Hello, I need to find a similar Photoshop effect as the one found in this stock photo: Do you guys happen to know how can I achieve this kind of effect? Thank you in advance
  18. Y

    Photoshop for screen print designs?

    I’ve come here because I’m a little confused and need some advice. I have to make designs for several screen prints and I need to do this while I’m away on holiday so I grabbed my old macbook pro and Cintiq 13HD on the way out the door thinking this would do the job. I’ve been using Krita at...
  19. M

    What kind of effect is this? and how would I do so with a Picture of myself?

    So i liked how he looks on his album cover , like you can tell it has some sort of cartoonish effect to it, would anyone know how to do this?
  20. A

    A little clean up?

    Can Someone Please clean this up for me? It's for a logo and I'm new to photoshop. It's kind of making me angry. little help please?