1. Matt8444

    A quick head swap

    Hello, The family picture my eldest son isn't really engaging with the camera (I've no idea why it's been uploaded upside down :question:) If anyone can help me I'm just after a simple head swap with the second picture I've uploaded. Any help much appreciated Kind Regards :thumbsup:
  2. S

    ...another new member =)

    Hi All I'm another person learning photoshop... trying my best... having fun... . Kind regards
  3. P

    How can I do this?

    Hi. I wanna polish the picture below. How can I do it? There are too many pages so I can't do it manually, I need some kind of method. Thanks.
  4. J

    Filling a logo

    I want to fill in the font here in this image to white, without filling in the area surrounding it. I was hoping to use some kind of mask to automatically keep everything outside of the letter/s transparent. How can I do this?
  5. B

    Easiest Request You'll Ever See

    Hi everyone! I just got a new job and I'm trying to decorate my office. I bought a 5×5 frame for a photo collage of my dogs, but the smallest square print the photo lab I use will print is a 6x6. Unfortunately, my fiance spilled tea all over my laptop and fried my hard drive so I don't have...
  6. MrToM

    Plug-in of a different kind...!!!

    I don't plug them in I? :eek: :bustagut: Regards. MrToM.
  7. A

    Photoshop effect

    Hi How can I apply the illustrated effect on an image? Kind regards, Annelies
  8. E

    After Effects [Request] Music Video

    Hey there Guru's, First off, I have no idea if I'm supposed to post this here, but the request section is for Photoshop and I couldn't find one for AAE. Anyway, I'm a Deep House producer and I can do some basic GFX. I've worked with AAE at school some years ago, and I can make some visualizers...
  9. Y


    can someone tell me what kind of filter this photo has or how to get photo to look like this :wink:
  10. B

    Name these seamless tile repeating patterns. How can I get or make them?

    What this kind of pattern is called and Where can i get it ? Gurus Please suggest .Please see the attached images. Thanks in advance :naughty::naughty: Pattern - 1 Pattern - 2 Pattern - 3
  11. J

    how can i create this kind of screen crack effect?

    Dear all, i have been trying to achieve screen crack effect but i unable to achieve the result. This is the image i edit: The sample photo i wish to achieve: how can i achieve this kind of hi resolution crack screen overlay with the subject? anyone can advise me. kindly appreciate...
  12. hershy314

    Finally did it

    As of January 6th 2016 I am done with school. I'm now a graduate from The Art Institute of Pittsburgh online, with as associates in Graphic Design. I'm now trying to put together a portfolio that show cases my best work. Problem is I don't have much to show. They do offer things like help with...
  13. ashley1

    Opinions/Tips on my logo?

    I have been playing around with ps for a few hours and I sharpened this. I didn't know what I was doing so this was kind of an accident. I thought maybe I could use this for my logo but I need opinions or tips first. Thank you! : ) Update/Edit: New and much better (imo) logo in need of...
  14. J

    2 effects I don't know how to make

    Hello there! Could you please help me to understand how should I make this 2 kind of effects: The first image background effect without "your logo" thing. This is some kind of brush, right... Where can I get one of this like(for free if possible :) ) The second image effect is alike the...
  15. D

    Illustrator How to start with Illustrator?

    Hi everyone, See, I've been playing with illustrator for a while and I like this tool. However, i don't know how and where to start. I have a bit of knowledge about Illustrator, I know basic stuff like creating shapes, pathfinder and that kind of stuff, however I don't know how to get better...
  16. C

    photoshop error message (actions)

    Has anyone had this message when trying to load an action in photoshop cs5 " could not complete your request because it is not the right kind of document"? Thank you in advance
  17. F

    How to add modern gradient effect?

    Hey, I'm a pretty inexperienced photoshop user using cc14 and I'm designing the graphics for a new website I'm working on and I was trying to get the kind of gradient(?) effect shown in this website if anyone could help that would be fantastic. Thanks in advance.
  18. E

    Genre name of this kind of art?

    Hey there fella's (and ladies) I once got this image from Deviantart or something and I really liked it and made a signature out of it. Though, that was quite awhile ago and I kinda f'd it up because I selected my outlining with it which I later removed which left some transparent lining...
  19. E

    Anyone knows the name of these kind of images?

    Hey there Gurus, I'm seeing logo's and other images like this They are not really "3D" but they don't look "flat" either. I know this is just a blue rectangle with a white border at the bottom and some text. But the combination of these colors + the font really create this kind of style. I...
  20. L

    Help making logo

    Hi all, I'm starting another little project and working on a logo before ordering the domain etc. The project is to supply equipment to the police and security and other emergency services... I've found this logo and would like to get something like this for the website. I've tried so...