1. gautamz07

    glossy kidda photo effect

    Hello guys ! how are you all doing ? :) needed a small help , have a look at the picture below : the above picture definitely looks photoshoped , can somebody tell me what kind of an effect that is ? i am sure this question has been asked a countless times , but still just wanted to ask ...
  2. B

    How to make this (attached Image )kind of pattern ?

    How to make this (attached Image )kind of pattern ? Actually i tried to do it with 5 px*5px transparent and with 300 resolution and draw a straight line using pencil tool and define it as a pattern and then apply it on an image.But some how am not getting the similar pattern am actually looking...
  3. chrisdesign

    Happy Easter to all of you

    Kind regards Chris
  4. B

    3D what technic they use on these images ?

    I want to learn to create picture like that, I'm a photographer. I don't know what kind of this technic call. PLz help. thanks.
  5. S

    Refine Edge Tool.

    I seem to follow the tutorial for using this tool but when I brush around the edges it leaves a greyish mark all the way around (a black and white photo). Any kind soul any ideas on where I am going wrong. Many thanks
  6. D

    How to achieve this soft-ish atmosphere in photos

    The 2 pictures I attached kind of has a soft feel to them while still maintaining sharpness in the details. It's kind of hard to explain in words. Does anybody know how this kind of effect can be achieved? My best guess is some kind of color grading, but when I try it on my pictures, they...
  7. O

    White to alpha?

    I have a greyscale image of a shadow which is a mixture of colours from white to dark grey. What I want is for the "whiteness" of a pixel to denote how alpha it is. i.e. a perfectly white pixel would be completely transparent whereas a perfectly black pixel would be completely opaque. I've had a...
  8. D

    Need help with photoshop

    Alright photo guru's, kind of a newb with Photoshop and i don't think i'm improving, my friends having her bday tomorrow and thought i would do something special for her, she's a fan of this local rapper, i thought here's a great idea why not get his autograph for her...... that kind of fail...
  9. S

    Help, Please!

    So I have to do some begging and pleading on behalf of my sister...she had a very unfortunate situation where the photographer for her bridal portraits became very ill and failed to find a replacement. I have shot landscape photography pretty well for years and done some portraits so I got her...
  10. V

    Looking for help with an avatar image.

    Hey there! I've used a certain image as my avatar on various websites and I'd really like it redone by some awesome artist. Basicly just a remake/updated version of the image below. So what I'm looking for in the image is a red devil that has a beer belly and white boxers with red hearts on...
  11. Joshlll

    Need a photoshop artist, to help change around a image for me please.

    Hi all, so I have a idea to alter a photo if anyone out there would be so kind to help bring my idea to life. I would be very grateful to see what you all come up with. My idea is as follows, I would like to change this Bart Simpson photo around. I want it to be a baby Lisa Simpson with her...
  12. Windows7

    How to copy this kind of layer styles?

    Hi, The last period i found an effect that makes my photos great and i begin with to change from rgb color to lab color then ctrl+m and etc. etc. ... . But what took my attention is is that i just can't copy that layer style to another photo which i want to make it exact the same or kind of...
  13. Fujiapples

    Looking for tutorial for this kind of images

    ok here it is I tried to find something similar but i just couldnt,any help would be great!!
  14. A

    how to edit this kind of color to my photos ??

    Hi I shoot a lot of waves and would like the end product to look like the picture i posted how would I go by processing them that the water looks like that ? I tried everything and I need help . thanks .
  15. D

    Definetly a different kind of project..

    Did this for a friend who needed it on short notice, I'm pretty proud of my work on the interlacing of the arms. (I'm still new to PhotoShop) I could of done a lot better on the hair but well, did it for nothing and only had a short time to do it :p Finished product- Original-
  16. S

    Do you know how to make this kind of background?

    I need PS tutorial to make a swirly background like below image: Thanks.