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  1. M

    Specific Sculpture with a black blackground.

    Can someone transform this girl into a sculpture like this wallpaper, with a black blackground pls
  2. furyy

    Is this good? By: a noob

    Hey guys, I'm not so good at photoshop, but I tried to manipulate my friend's photo. Is this pretty good? Any feedbacks would be helpful! :cheesygrin:
  3. Chsavage

    Hello! (again?)

    Hello everyone! Truth be told this isn't a true introduction, I actually joined a few years ago, but life got reaalllllyyy busy between stuff with the military and school and work and getting married. Anyway I'm really hoping to give this whole, get better at photoshop thing an earnest try...
  4. K

    Can someone help me increase the resolution on this image?

    We want to have this printed on pint glasses for our wedding, and the company doing it said they need it to be at least 300 dpi. We pretty much exhausted our photoshop skills making the image. Can anyone help us?
  5. LemonLuuk

    Any tips and tricks for my artworks?

    I'm kinda struggling with making eyes as realistic as possible WITHOUT a drawing tablet. Because they are pretty expensive for me. So, here my question: Does anyone have any tips or tricks to improve the eyes?
  6. N

    resolution / blow up help

    hey guys trying to get this image printed out to about 1600mm in length and proportioned high, i know the image is terrible but would it be possible to be able to read it pretty clearly?
  7. Inkz

    Dropbox logo recreation Mashup

    Got bored today so I decided to look at some familiar logos from around the web and try and recreate some of them in a different way, in a humorous way. So I decided to look at Dropbox logo. The logo is pretty cool and it is that way so you can drop stuff into the box. Here's my take lol
  8. H

    number of measurement exceeds 700

    Hi there, I am trying to understand how PS makes it´s area measurements. I have images of pink algal crusts on a black surface and I use colour selection to select them. When I want to use the "make measurement" function I will get the warning that the number of counts exceeds 700. So here is...
  9. D

    New one

    What's up guys I made a new piece that i would like to get feedback on. I'm kind of not sure about the right frame, so ill upload 3 different one's so you could tell your opinion on each one I used 2 different backgrounds, mashed and played with them until the result.I also added a few brushes...
  10. F

    New Project for me, A New Challenge for you.

    Good Time of the Day to all the Photoshop Magicians and Muggles. I have come up with a little project for myself. Since i was a little kid, I've always wanted to build a Computer from scratch. Now that i have a job and ample time to spend on a project, i decided it is time. Yet i don't want it...
  11. K

    How to make realistic glowing LED effect

    Hello! This is my first post! I'm pretty new to photoshop but not completely helpless. I'm trying to make a realistic LED display identical to this: Here is what I've got: Pretty bad. I've messed with the glow features but nothing looks realistic at all: Still not there. Does anyone have...
  12. Hoogle

    Earth From Space real time footage live now

    Not PS related but pretty cool all live feed from international space Station
  13. H

    Can someone help me enlarge this image?

    Hi guys, just wondering with the right program, what is the biggest size you can turn this image into and still have it in pretty good quality? I tried to enlarge it on Photoshop twice its size and it turned out pretty bad. Would vectorizing it work? Yeah, I am asking for a favor. I...
  14. B

    Help with logo for a T-Shirt..

    Hey everyone! I've been trying to recreate a logo in Photoshop to print it on a T-Shirt for my boyfriend who has not been feeling well lately. We are both pretty broke students, and I know how much he loves simple T-Shirts with cool logos so I decided to create a golden one that I know he would...
  15. R

    Photo for my GF

    My girlfriend is graduating this year and I wanted to give her a nice photo of us for graduation. This is her and I at her sorority ball. We had a great time wonderful night but she was a little upset because she got burnt earlier that week and her lines were pretty noticeable. If someone could...
  16. A

    Salam :)

    Salam to you all :) I'm an app developer from the middle-east. I make games. Games require a lot of graphics Graphics are best edited using PS PS is pretty complicated for a newbie like me Hence me subscribing to this forum ;) Pretty basic logic :p Hope you guys are having a good day
  17. T

    Can Someone Please Remove The Wall Marks And Razor Cut On My Face?

    I think this should be pretty easy for some of the photoshop veterans here. I just want the wall to be all 1 color and the mark which is a razor cut from shaving to be edited out, it is on my chin.
  18. K

    Face Swapping Help... or any other suggestions

    I took a picture of a large family (outside and just after dinner). The sun is coming through and completely ruining one face in the photo. I have a separate picture with a face to swap into the group picture, but I am just not getting the tutorials I am watching. I have Photoshop CC 2014, and...
  19. P

    Easy (I think) Request - Dog Smiling

    Hi everyone! I recently took a picture of my dog posing with a McDonalds' Happy Meal. She looks pretty sad, so I thought it would be funny to add a "human smile" to her face. I've seen a few commercials that gave me the idea, so I posted still frames down below. I tried to add teeth to her...
  20. Steve

    Look what I saw on my street.

    Poorly cropped pic I took on my phone, I could barely see the scene but still pretty cool,