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  1. S

    Hey everyone SD is here!!

    Hi dear users, I'm s.das here, a amature phitographer from cuttack , Odisha, India. I've a little knowledge in ps, so i registered here to gain a bit more, to be a guru like u guyz!! So plzz support n guid me, about forum rules n ps tuts. Thanks!!
  2. J

    suggest me best design

    hello all i am starts new website plzz suggest me the design Mod Edit: Please ask a more specific question and post a screen shot rather than a link. I'm also moving this thread to Web Design. Thanks.
  3. Y

    Girl needs help plzz :(

    Hey guys so i just turned 18 my name is Alexia and im repainting my motorcycle that i just bought not to long :) yayyyy... anywho i found a bike that i would like it to look similar to. If someone could work there magic and give me something close to it i would be so grateful. I have been trying...