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  1. P

    photoshop editors copyrights

    Hi guys i have one question about copyrights. If you change a background or retouch an image can you put it to your portfolio or is it forbidden by the copyright to the client. Thnx in advance
  2. C

    Hello Everybody

    I've been learning PS for the last year or so by watching tutorials on the internet. It's getting to the point where I already know much of what they are teaching. Now I'm hoping to add some image retouching to my portfolio. edit 3/29: After rereading this it sounds like I'm boasting. I only...
  3. E

    First Proper Beauty Retouch Edit!

    Helloooooo good people of the PSGuru Forum! I have officially made my first proper beauty retouch edit. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am SO excited to put it up in my portfolio. It's my own picture too, so that's an added plus. Buttttt, I would very much love to hear what you...
  4. chrisdesign

    Portfolio at Behance

    Has anyone of you a portfolio at Behance? What are your experiences with it? What must be considered? How good is the reliability? Thanks in advance for your feedback and advice. Regards Chris
  5. E

    Creating a Portfolio

    What are designs classfied to make a good portfolio when you're starting on in the Photoshop field? I've gone through Behanced and that site just puts me in awe at everybody's talented creations. I really want to be able to upload somethings there too but would I put my own creations? Jobs I've...
  6. K

    Tips for working with text

    Hi guys, Hoping you might be able to help me out. I'm working on creating a portfolio website to showcase various creative works of mine that combine both my photography, and my writing. The portfolio site I'm building is heavily image orientated so I'm working on a way to use images to...
  7. N

    Saving For The Web

    I attached a jpg of my basic home page for my portfolio. I've worked with slicing in school, but is that the only way to bring it into Dreamweaver? I may be wrong, but I couldn't use any layers in Dreamweaver. What I want to do is convert the buttons to rollovers, but I can't simply throw the...
  8. A

    My latest Photoshop portfolio addition! Your thoughts? :) :)

    Hopefully will be accepted to my GR portfolio this weekend: quickandeasy | GraphicRiver :) What do you think?
  9. K

    A pit of desperation:

    heya fella's. as I'm new to the forums i thought i'd show you some of the stuff i did in the past. maybe some one will gimme some pointers about what i'm doing wrong. or a pat on the back. any way, here's my wasted youth right here: I'd start with a self portrait: i drew this of a...
  10. T

    I need to retouch sample photos for my portfolio. Where should/can I post a request?

    I have been an in-studio portrait retouch artist for over 7 years and am not able to use the images in my portfolio. I would like to start doing some freelance work but I need samples! I was hoping I could post something requesting some photos to retouch. Does anyone have any suggestions...