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Tips for working with text


Hi guys,

Hoping you might be able to help me out. I'm working on creating a portfolio website to showcase various creative works of mine that combine both my photography, and my writing. The portfolio site I'm building is heavily image orientated so I'm working on a way to use images to present my written work.

My idea at the moment is to break my stories up into manageable 'chunks' and place them over images that help tell stories.

I've been playing around in PS today, trying to work out how this can be done effectively. What I created however, isn't particularly great and I was hoping you guys might have some tips for working with text in Photoshop??

The image below is what I've got so far (very basic and incredibly unfinished!), I used a random font I found that I liked (any things I should look for in a font?), used the skew, and perspective tools after converting to smart object and I created a bit of shadowing under the text. One of the issues I had was that it's awkward to know what will happen to the text when it's distorted so I found myself duplicating the first text layer to skew, then deleting, editing the text a bit and repeating to get the formatting. It was quite a faff, is there an easier way?

Text testing.jpg

I would really appreciate any feedback, constructive criticism, and tips. I'd like to make this Photoshopping process as simple as possible for myself in the future so I can keep creating easily.