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  1. IamSam

    Still Life Digital Painting (study)

    As promised, I have some more art to contribute. I was getting ready for a dog painting but I recently became interested in posting a still life painting for the purpose of establishing myself as a credible digital artist who knows a little about what he's talking about. I'm not trying to prove...
  2. A

    Leaning tower of Pisa help!

    Can you please make it so my foot is touching the leaning tower of Pisa? I will send you the picture by email because I can't attach it (I'm posting from my phone) Thank you so much for any help it would be very much appreciated!
  3. S

    What is this type of photo damage and is there a way in photoshop to fix / hide?

    Would love to find out. I discovered a chest full of old photos in my grandma's attic and a lot of them have damage similar to what I am posting. What do you call this damage? Is there a technique for either eliminating it or somehow hiding it? Thanks in advance for any advice! Very new...
  4. R

    Introducing myself

    Just posting since I got a warning about 0-post members. I'm a beginner and it's good to join everyone. Many thanks to samiam for his help.
  5. Pixel and Bracket

    Photoshop Shortcut Series

    Hey guys! I've started a new shortcut series on my channel that is focused on helping you create a more efficient workflow in Photoshop. The shortcut videos will range from very basic to more complicated but I wanted to create a thread here to house them all, rather than posting them...
  6. IamSam

    Colorize Me! Photo 1

    I have been meaning to start this thread for some time now, but have just fallen behind. My day job is keeping me very busy lately. Since the subject has been brought up by revnart, I thought now would be as good a time as any to get it started. Anyway, this is for everyone to participate in...
  7. A

    HELP!!!Change PNG logo colour to white. Thanks! :)

    Hi, Can someone change the colour of my logo to white please? I have attached it to this posting. Thank you very much in advance :) :cheesygrin::cheesygrin::cheesygrin:
  8. gedstar

    What's happening to the forum?

    OK just starting a new thread, seems to me that the forum has been kinda dead for the last while and I would love to see it back to the way it use to be. We don't seem to get people posting Photo Manipulations, Before and Afters and the likes anymore, even the challenge thread is sadly dying a...
  9. Eggy

    Summer Bubble

    Some time ago Chrisdesign mentionned a lack of posting compositions. I agree with him. Come on girls and boys, start posting your work and don't be shy. We are here to learn and the best way is getting feedback. There is so much talent on this forum so lets see some of it. Well, on this lazy...
  10. Leo_The_Lip


    Posting to avoid the zero posts threat. I enjoy the tips
  11. L

    My latest tags

    Hello everyone! :) I'm new here and I haven't quite understood if there are many tagmakers in this community. Well anyways I hadn't made a tag for over 3 years, but in this period I fell like I'm really into it again! So I'm posting my two new works, comments/feedback/critiques are very...
  12. Paul

    First member to name it.

    Ok members of PSG the first member who can think of a speed challenge for us all to do (just to keep our PSG fingers active) gets a like from at least ten members:mrgreen:. From the first member who ever it is posting the challenge we all have 48 hrs from that post time to make an entry - keep...
  13. Tom Mann

    Post a Labor Day photo

    In this area, Labor Day means lots of local community parades. How is it celebrated in your area? BBQs? Family gatherings? Why don't you show us how it's celebrated in your area by posting a photo or two (... but please don't hog the thread by posting a large number...). Tom M
  14. P

    posting image!

    Hello Community, i have the photo shop CS2 and what I am trying to do is: I have a image of a sail boat and I am trying to add my own image onto where the arrow is pointing on the image bellow, I want to keep the bulging effect. how do I do that? I would greatly appreciate all the help i can...
  15. H

    In respond to the NOTE on posting for Freelancer

    We hear your pain, this system is not "communication friendly", especially for new members, as we are. We are trying to post a "paid work" for you...with all details,... we tried already three times and about to give up! The system is giving Error saying "no links until we have min 5 posts on...
  16. dv8_fx

    BBCodes Used in This Forum | How to Post Links, Pics, Videos and More

    The following link will show you how to do just about anythign allowed inside a forum posts here at Photoshop gurus: Photoshop Gurus Forum BBCode List