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  1. Rekov

    How to create a brush that becomes more porous/distressed on lighter strokes?

    I hope you will bear with me a little, since I'm not entirely sure how to phrase what I'm asking for. I know how to use dual brushes to create some nice effects, but I am not going for dual-brush with pen pressure for transfer. What I want is a brush that gets more distressed/porous looking...
  2. IamSam

    Digital Painting: Hair 101

    Ok, for this first installment we are just going to cover the very basics of how I paint hair. For this tut, I will only use the Brush Tool, no special brushes, and black and white as my pallet. I'm using a Wacom Intuos tablet. My basic brush settings for the hair brush are: Mode: Normal...
  3. Helios

    Stylus advice and recommendations?

    Hi all, It has been my desire for a while now to have a Windows tablet running my favourite painting software, and to get a pressure sensitive stylus to use with it - much like one does on a normal USB graphics tablet, but you're drawing straight onto the screen of the tablet and getting the...
  4. F

    Illustrator Strange action happening using Wacom tablet

    OK this is strange. i'll try to explain. several years ago I bought a wacom intuos3 6x8 tablet. but when i got it i got frustrated after trying to use it, so i put it in the closet. I've gone through several courses now using Photoshop and Illustrator so i am familiar now, and thought I should...
  5. D

    Weird pressure problem on PS CS6

    Hello ! Let me introduce myself : I am Dekanh, an amateur artist who draws a lot. I've always used Photoshop CS6 to draw, but while trying a new software recently, I realized that my pen pressure in PS is.. well.. really really bad. I don't really know how to describe the problem, but any line...
  6. B

    Pen Tool simulate pressure question

    Good evening. English is not my native language so i apologize for every possible mistake :D when i use the pen in photoshop i sometimes want to use the command "simulate pression" before the line is made. BUT when i do it the pression is simulated everytime in the same way. starts light, in...
  7. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Brass Musician

    This musician is wearing a backpack that generates steam. The pressure is needed for the trumpet headdress, and the guy plays the instrument with his gun-like gadget. The excess pressure is discharged through the back part of the headdress and produces simultaneously to the trumpet sound a kind...
  8. M

    Help, my pressure sensitivity isn't working!

    Hey guys! I'm an amateur artist who's worked mainly with pencils and I'm just beginning to study digital media. I've got a Wacom Tablet (Intuos 3) and an old version of Photoshop (CS3), and I've mostly been checking out the guides/tutorials at Ctrl + Paint. Anyway, I was doing an exercise when...
  9. A

    pen pressure not working on wacom bamboo

    ive re installed the driver several times but pen pressure wont work for some reason, its a bamboo touch tablet... im using a new computer (windows), it has always worked fine on other computers before... any ideas?
  10. L

    pen pressure not working?

    I have a tablet pc with a stylus, but photoshop is not recognizing this when I go to the "shape dynamics" option. any ideas ?
  11. T

    Wacom Intuos 4, Photoshop CS5 64 Bit - Pressure Sensitive problem

    Hi Guys Just wondering if anyone else is having problems or found a solution. I'm using a Wacom Intuos 4 tablet with Photoshop CS5 64-bit. My OS is Windows 7 64-bit. Photoshop does not recognize the pressure sensitive tablet (dreaded yellow exclamation mark in a triangle!). Funnily enough...
  12. V

    Cybertablet pen pressure problem

    Hi! I'm not new to Photoshop. I downloaded the trial version for CS5 because I wanted to try it out before buying it. My problem is that I can't get the pen pressure to work. I've tried everything from the settings in Photoshop and calling Adesso's company. I talked to one of their people and...
  13. C

    asus ep 121 photoshop pen pressure help

    ok, im not a total newb to photoshop but im stumped and desperately need help. i bought an asus ep121 tablet. i have photoshop cs5 64bit running on it, i have the latest drivers installed, and i have brush dynamics turned on. and it set to pen pressure, but there's a small yellow triangle...