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Steampunk Brass Musician

This musician is wearing a backpack that generates steam. The pressure is needed for the trumpet headdress, and the guy plays the instrument with his gun-like gadget.
The excess pressure is discharged through the back part of the headdress and produces simultaneously to the trumpet sound a kind of organ bass.

As always critique from you is welcome.

This is a Photoshop composite and is created with the attached images.
Most images I found with Google.
The guy is from here: http://jasonbaca.deviantart.com/art/jason-baca-2312-378958371

New updated version.
Click to enlarge.

Material Musician.jpg
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Whats going on with the perspective here Chris?...Spend too much time looking at it?

I like the idea but is he supposed to be standing under the arch.....in front of it.....standing up....kneeling down......?????

I envisage the guy 'floating' across in front of the arch....but just from the waist up....he could have some sort of steampunk 'landing gear' instead of legs.

For me, that's the most confusing part......where is he in relation......that, and also I think the nuns are just a bit too bright......they are in the dark really.

I like it though......I dunno how you come up with the ideas......too much cheese before 'beddy byes' maybe?

LOL..........I'm slipping..(didn't enlarge the image or read the description)...........I thought he was just an upper torso (cyborgish) supposed to be floating with his jetpack! LOL!!
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Nice PS work Chris as usual but I just can't seem to wrap my brain around these things :naughty:
MrTom IamSam ALB68
Thanks guys for your comments and the valuable suggestions. I appreciate it very much.
Your opinion helps a lot to tweak this composite, and to improve my skills, imagination and ability to anticipate possible errors in future projects.
Thank you for that. I'll post an updated version of this composite soon.

.....and yes, MrTom I want the guy standing on his own legs inside the arc. So, now he looks far to big, and I'm going to adjust that. And I'll darken the nuns as suggested.
....and where do I get my ideas from? Still plenty in my head, waiting to get released, I can assure you. So it's nice to have Photoshop, isn't it?
....here are some links for Larry about steampunk.
Due to members critique I made some alterations and posted an updated version of this composite on the top of this page.