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  1. G

    Is it possible to get this green guy a natural skin tone?

    Hi, I'd need to give this guy a somewhat natural skin tone, or at least something warmer than this green. I've played around a bit but doesn't really get there. Any tips? cheers G
  2. G

    Couple of team photo transplants

    Hi. Hope someone can help. Want to give all our players a copy of this team photo, however there are a couple of small problems. The guy back left looks a little miserable, and the guy 2 along is blinking. Their photos are much better in the other. Is it possible for someone to transplant their...
  3. Y

    a new avatar

    Hello, ive already asked for this, but today i found a better set of pics. The idea is to place the guy with any picture of the girl together with aby suitable background. Thanks in advance
  4. C

    Please Remove shirtless guy behind me

    Hello! I would like this guy behind me removed from the picture or the couple behind me if needed. I really appreciate it!
  5. J

    Batch Automation Batch Merge Images

    New to photoshop. Working on a project that I am completely clueless how to do. Trying to figure out how to take one of our standard bracelets and then add one of our standard charms to it. Then i have to repeat that about 5 million times. LOL Does anyone know if there would be an easy way to...
  6. A

    Swapping people between pictures!

    Hi! Could someone please swap the bald guy in the black jacket from photo B, with the guy in the green checked shirt from photo A? Just to make it clear, I don't want the black jacket guy in the second picture. In his place, I want the green checked shirt guy from the first picture. Feel free...
  7. E

    Removing the blue shirt guy

    Hello. I took this really nice photo today but the guy in the blue had to ruin it. Can someone help remove him please. Thanks in advance.
  8. U

    For husband

    Hi! Can someone help me edit our pictures? My husband is overseas and would like to surprise with a picture together at the beach. Can you make it look like he's beside me? I would really appreciate it. He's the guy wearing a blue shirt. Thank you in advance. ☺️
  9. N

    Photoshop Help

    Hello, I have a photoshop request. Basically I need to replace the guy in the orange backdrop pic in place of the guy in green hoodie. I know the photoshop might look weird because of the dimension problem but that's okay. Please help! I really appreciate it! Thank you
  10. H

    Remove Person

    I need help removing the guy in the nasa hat behind us. Thanks a lot!
  11. A

    please remove guy in the middle

    I need help removing the guy in the middle please
  12. A

    How to create this Highlight coloring effect?

    This is the work of Marcelo Cantu, an amazing guy really, I want to learn how he did this effect
  13. agentmoeller

    This guy....

    ...walked into my work the other day.
  14. S

    Take out guy from first photo & second photo and put guy second photo to first photo

    This is original image from first photo This one I need to remove the lion logo and that guy from the above photo This is second photo.I want you take out this guy photo and put in first photo Please make it asap :) Thank you
  15. R

    Astrophotography - hello from Oxford, UK

    Hello, I'm a 25 yo guy from Oxford in the UK. I've recently taking up photography as a hobby, with a particular interest in landscape astrophotography. I'd like to learn how to composite/ blend images in PS. My main inspiration is this guy, Jaxson Pohlman -...
  16. C

    Remove the glare on this pic and remove the guy on the right

    hello, i am the black shirt guy and the camera's lens was bad when pic was taken. if someone can fix these, that would be really grateful any other tweaks are also welcomed. cheers
  17. K

    switching cartoon shirts

    Can somebody please photoshop this sweatshirt, on to the guy on the left (black sweatshirt), and make it look as natural as possible please. Thank you in advanced
  18. A

    Can anyone help photoshop someone into a seat.

    Can someone help photoshop the guy with glasses into the window seat of this train? Thanks.
  19. F

    Please remove the boy sitting in the middle.

    She's my crush and this is the only pic I have with her but the guy sitting in the middle is ruining it :( Please, remove the Guy sitting in the middle ! It will be a great favour. Thank you! [ I'm the one taking the picture ] here is pic GUYS PLEASE help me :( Thank you !
  20. P

    Remove the guy from the picture

    Hello everyone! I have a very simple request but would be really thankful if you could do it for me. I just want to have the guy behind the girl removed so it doesn't look like she is being hugged at all. She can be leaning against the wall or just standing there in the same picture, whichever...