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  1. T

    Layer cut from layer gives white border.. help!

    Hi Guys. Let me dive straight into my problem. I want to create a layer out of a part of another layer. So there are 2 layers, but the picture still looks the same. The original layer is a picture of a guy in a garden. I want to cut the guy out and create a new layer out of him. I took the...
  2. E

    New Guy Needing Help!!

    Hello, I am in need of some help for a design/logo. With Christmas coming up I am wanting to get some hats/shirts made for our farm. I am not quite sure on what to put for a logo design, but the name of our farm is Farm Home Inc. If anyone has ideas/make something quick that i can go off...
  3. P

    New guy here with some advice needed...

    Just wanted to say hello to everyone and jump right in with some pictures to post and get advice. I am self teaching my self Photoshop using books and what ever videos I can find on line. My goal is to become a photo re-toucher for photographers and models. II know I have a long way to go but...
  4. U

    After Effects British young guy doing superb work with AE?

    Anyone know one guy who was making videos - like short movies on Youtube. Usually had Zombies in them - very high quality AE work Can't remember his URL's British young student
  5. Z

    little guy (my camera)

    just generally having fun with liquify and shapes, feel free to leave comments and guides as to how to make it lifelike in January, this little guy will be retired but not thrown away :) i loved it, i have a tendency to personify things i love so do excuse me.
  6. L

    New guy here

    Hello all, been reading and viewing for a while so I figured I'd make my first post.A body man by trade but I've always been in to art.That led me to painting some motorcycles and airbrushing. About a year ago a bunch of guys I know started a Harley forum and I got stuck with the graphics end...
  7. B

    Hello new guy here from PA, and a car guy

    was wondering if there are any other car people amongst this site?
  8. J

    Hi guys, new guy with enthuasim, but talent?

    Hey guys. First off, I've been searching on google for the past half hour for a decent forum and I think i've foud on here :wink: Thing is, all the other forums I looked at which were based on graphic design seem to show peoples work but they have amazing drawings on paper, where they...
  9. Carson

    How good is the guy above you?

    Hey, I was thinking, and I havn't ever created a post worth keeping so im going to try. Here is a fun little game I picked up on the forum somewhere else, but this game could also help point out the people to go to for work. Here are the rules, XD post on a scale from 1 - 10 on how good you...
  10. sparky

    New Guy Here, Hey!

    Hey everyone, I'm Cody! Started using photoshop three days ago, joined to meet some people and learn some tips and tricks. My sig and avatar is my first work, hope its good. :)
  11. P

    New Guy Here

    Hi, all. My name's Paul, and I work as a designer for a government contractor. I use Illustrator and InDesign more frequently than Photoshop, but do find PS to be the most fun. Just hoping to learn a bit from all the gurus here. :)
  12. ^Photographer

    New guy here...

    Fund this site and hope to learn some tricks with PS.