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  1. T

    How do I make the same effect ( the effect on the guy )

    I wanna make the effect that is on the guy on this image: I want the same effect but with green on this design that I made: Any methods??
  2. T

    How do I make a transparent image with just the guy?

    How do I make a transparent image with just the guy?
  3. C

    Please remove a person (ex-boyfriend) from photo.

    Hi Is anyone able to remove the guy from this photo, please? Thanks in advance!
  4. RollTheDice

    Hello! Noob alert

    Whats up everybody! I am a noob at photoshop, but I am good at parenting over 2 kids. Love anime, but gotta watch it at about 10 when the kids are asleep :banghead: but otherwise, a pretty good guy! Just needed help and wanted to chat with others about photoshop. Hope to get better from learning...
  5. M

    can someone pls remove the guy behind?

    the one that looks kinda dead
  6. W

    How do you create this kind of images (fauvism?!)

    I see alot of these pictures using only yellow blue and red. and I wonder how you can do that? Can you turn any image into that with photoshop or do you have to do it from scratch? I would like to create my own picture from a cartoon picutre f.e. family guy or so...:happy: Thx :cheesygrin:
  7. T

    Hello and editing request.

    This is my first thread actually. I came up looking for help over editing layer masks and was redirected here by Google. A short introduction of myself, I am a medical science student from India and kind of a self-taught programmer. I was always interested with computers but I never liked...
  8. R

    Photoshop Request

    hello...yes its An0nRav3n from twitter.....i need a photoshop looking for an image about the size of a profile picture....i would like it to include a guy fawkes mask and a ravan....along with rav3n in matrix green somewhere....plz reply if your interested in helping me....
  9. LemonLuuk

    Desert guy. Before x After

    Tips & trick are very welcome!
  10. E

    Can someone give me a hand with this?

    It's pretty sad, but I can't do this properly. I just need to curve the words so it fix ok. Can someone do this or just explain me how to do it? Sorry for my bad english I'm not native, just a sad argentinian guy :p
  11. D

    Photoshop request: Remove subject

    Would anyone be able to photoshop this picture for me? I would like the middle guy to be taken out of the picture so its just the guy on the left, the guy on the right, and the background. Thank you!
  12. M

    Big Favor to ask

    Hi im sorry to just come on here and ask a big favor like this. I've been trying to do this for over a week now but its just so hard but really important to me. I have uploaded two photos A team picture with the coaches behind the kids,and one of me and the other coaches. one of the coaches...
  13. B

    Retouch Photo

    How you guy think about this:question::question::question:
  14. chrisdesign

    Steampunk Brass Musician

    This musician is wearing a backpack that generates steam. The pressure is needed for the trumpet headdress, and the guy plays the instrument with his gun-like gadget. The excess pressure is discharged through the back part of the headdress and produces simultaneously to the trumpet sound a kind...
  15. R

    new guy

    Hey, my name is Raul and i've just started working in photoshop after taking a course at college. Hopefully if i have any doubts or need help I can find it here.
  16. M

    Simple request for changing places of texts

    Hello all, I would like to ask someone, who has a knowledge about the following - I would like to "swap" the king and the queen, so that it keeps the motive but it is the queen of kings. It would be nice if we can keep the chubby guy. I do not need a super fine and professional work. the...
  17. D

    New guy from Manchester UK

    Hello there Guys and Girls I'm new here, just in case you hadn't realised. I'm very much a beginner here rather than a "Guru". I'm here looking for help and guidance. I figured this would be the place to start. My first question is Can anyone point me in the right direction of a good website...
  18. R

    Brazilian newbie guy :D

    Hello Gurus, I'm a brazilian guy, 25 years old, probably will have a lot of erros or misspelling in my posts, english isn't my first language and I learned it alone, so I still have many leaks in my vocabulary and grammar. Well, i'm a a totally newbie in design and art stuffs, but i'm sure that...
  19. J

    Smart objects and perspective crop?

    Hi, so i am new here and to photoshop. I have been searching for the right tutorial for my problem, but i can't find it anywhere. I saw one guy doing this, but he did it so fast that i couldn't grasp the information. For him it was easy game. Where should i start... I am trying to put some...