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Photoshop Request


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hello...yes its An0nRav3n from twitter.....i need a photoshop done....im looking for an image about the size of a profile picture....i would like images.jpgit to include a guy fawkes mask and a ravan....along with rav3n in matrix green somewhere....plz reply if your interested in helping me....
Hello and welcome to PSG.

I'm sorry, I have t ask, who is An0nRav3n from twitter? Are you a celebrity?

edit: I've been reading...............in a way, you are somewhat of a celebrity.
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Thx Paul you are amazing!!!! do you have twitter? i will give you a shoutout!!!!
And I am Sam i am a hactivist that is involved in #OpISIS, #OpNimr, and #OpPedo....we try to eliminate isis and pedos from the internet
im currently in BinarySec
my Twitter is @An0nRav3n
Glad you liked my effort, keep the flame alight buddy any way to rid the world of scum is a good way:thumbsup:
And no i do not use Twitter, but thanks anyway.