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    Specific Mask up western Pt.2

    Hi there, I'd like to kindly request another edit of the mask onto the cowboy this time.

    Specific Mask Up Western

    Hi I'd like the mask put onto the character and the cowboy made black and white with a bit of red detail. Thanks

    Specific Mask Layer and background removal

    Hi there I'm looking to have the mask in the .png added onto the man's face and to have the background removed except the chair and the guy in his suit.

    Specific Quick and Easy - Oni Mask Edit

    First Request on this! I am looking to have the picture i've uploaded (Oni Mask) editted in order to resemble my current mask graphic (Phantom of opera style). The things i need done are just to give it a comic book style look rather than looking like a photo and to have the right side (Happy...
  5. revnart

    Saturation Map (Mask)

    Hey, I was experimenting with saturation masks and after several tests I've found that HSL and HSB give me strange artifacts, so I've created LUT file which gives me the result I was looking for. Here is example of base file converted to S from HSB and HSL and with the use of LUT file. Do...
  6. revnart

    Luminosity Masking

    Hi, after "some" time I comeback with question for all of you ;) What methods do you use/know to create luminosity map (mask) - full one, not only darks, midtones or highlights? I'm interested especially in ways different than: • HSB B channel • HSL L channel • RGB Desaturate • RGB Composite...
  7. S

    Applying layer mask to just one layer

    Hi guys, very new here. In this screenshot i'm basically trying to make the hands fade, as they are (done using layer mask and gradient tool), but then having the mask apply only to the hands. The aim is to have something in the background and not having the hands transparent to it, and the...
  8. J

    PS Clipping Mask Problem

    Hi all Can someone please help solve a very frustrating problem I am having wrapping an image around a mug template. I have created a rectangle, used the warp and brought in my image but when I create the clipping mask my image disappears. I thought I would be able to manipulate my image...
  9. S

    Photoshop CS3 Layer Mask Density Option

    Hello everyone, I need some help finding this option, if it even exists. Does PS CS3 have a Layer Mask Density option? I have a Layer Mask that is solid black, but wanted to change the density level. If CS3 does not have the option, is there an alternative?
  10. B

    Creating a 'Adjustable Frame'

    What I'm trying to do is create a 'adjustable frame', a top layer that acts just like a picture frame would for an actual picture. I'd like to be able to re-size this frame so I don't have to keep re-cropping/filling the areas every time I make a change. I've tried looking into how to accomplish...
  11. D

    Need help Photoshop2017

    I was gradually learning things and thought I was doing ok, until Adobe decided to new improve stuff. I want to cut out an image and move it to another background, which I have done loads of times before, but now the refine edges has gone and I have the select and mask thing instead. The problem...
  12. H

    Select and mask tool not showing the right property panel

    What am I doing wrong? I have spend HOURS trying to figure out, why the 'Property panel' doesn't appear the same, as in all the tutorials that I have seen regarding the subject 'select and mask' tool? The panel that I get, keeps indicating that 'No mask has been selected' and hence I'm not...
  13. R

    After Effects adding mask to all keyframes

    How to add or apply a mask created in first keyframe to all keyframes in after effects ?
  14. Pipsmom

    Mask issue

    :banghead: I noticed a annoying problem the past few days when painting black over my mask to reveal ....but before I finish the whole area, the first section I started in begins to slowly turn back opaque leaving a faint hue...I rework the mask by painting it again real fast before it happens...
  15. C

    [Help] What am I doing wrong? Vector Mask Issue

    I'm doing a personal custom project and I want to make text look old and worn down. I stumbled upon this tutorial on google I've done everything it asks and I still cannot get the transparent grunge texture to blend with the...
  16. B

    Uneven fading over old photo

    I am trying to restore this photo. I think it is over 90 years old, so, not surprisingly, age has taken its toll and the photo is quite faded. I thought that I could still see details, and therefore I could bring this back to life, but I think I'm hitting the limit of my limited skills. The...
  17. P

    Need help with having a layer only go over another layer and delete the rest of it

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, Newbie here, probably really simple but I cannot seem to figure this out, I want to have only one part of a layer go over another, and delete the rest of the layer, Here are some pictures of what I mean: I want the selection to only go over the V and the surrounding...
  18. Pipsmom

    Select and Mask

    Is it me or does anyone else find after selecting out a part on a imagine then go to select and mask in 2017 PS that it never does a really good job keeping the mask where you want it to be around the edges when you return back..... Frustrating going back and forth trying to find a happy place...
  19. Eggy

    How to Find the Original Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Those who are using PS CC 2017 and can't get used to the 'select and mask' here's a tip how to get 'Refine Edge' back:
  20. N

    help for creating a proper mask

    hi i have problem with create a good mask for black sweater in this image because of hair. im using that mask to change color to biege color. can any one help me to how to take proper mask.(if you can provide your psd file for me it is also better :) ) i tried topaz remask,luminacity masking...