1. B

    Quick Mask Feature Stopped working

    On CS4 when I click the Quick Mask button it indicates that it's on but will not paint what I'm trying to mask. I tried opening PS with shift+ctrl+alt to reset preferences but do not get the question to return to default. I'm using it on Vista. It worked fine a day ago.
  2. G

    Clipping Mask problem

    Hi I was wondering if it is possible to convert/copy a clipping mask to a layer mask. The reason is, that I have a textured layer, and a highlight layer. By selecting the highlight layer and creating a clipping mask, I get the effect I want. But... I want to save the highlight layer on...
  3. K

    What is a quick mask layer?

    What exactly is a quick mask layer and what is it used for? I've used adjustments layers but get stumped with the purpose of the quick mask layer? I'm working with elements 9.
  4. SeniorS

    Speaking about offtopic - Unsharp mask?

    Why they called filter which sharpen - UNsharp Mask? :)
  5. ibclare

    Apply selection to layer mask?

    Here I thought I was so smart. At least this seemed like something I should be able to do, but it's something I don't know and obviously never tried before. Can I load a selection and use that to paint on the mask somehow? Go ahead and berate me! But give me an answer please! :redface:
  6. J

    Creating a mask of an object?

    Hi, Im really struggling to mask this image to create a white outline of it, with transparent background, so i can impose the sillouhette of the bike over a colourful background. you can view the image im trying to do this with at: www jonesanthony dot co dot uk/photoshop/mountain%20bike.jpg...
  7. J

    Help creating base layer for clipping mask

    I am struggling with clipping masks and after a few hours of scouring the internet and trying different techniques, I am left no closer to my end result than from when I started. If someone here can point me in the right direction I would be very grateful! I am creating a banner. The banner...
  8. A

    Duplicating a layer mask across multiple layers

    I have imported a video as layers into Photoshop and there are now 25 layers. I want to mask an area in all but one of the layers to make an animated GIF. I create the layer mask on Layer 2 and I've have found I can copy the same mask to another layer by clicking and dragging it there whilst...
  9. W

    Vector Mask - using Gradient

    Hi there, I am a newbie to Photoshop but would like to learn more. What I am trying to do is get this text (has a transparent background) to have the light / dark effect like the second pic. I have been told that I need to add a vector mask and then apply a gradient to it. The...
  10. G

    Making an Accurate Selection

    My project requires a precise mask of an object--particularly clothes on a colored background. I've been using the pen tool to accurately outline the object (even for hair, which takes forever!!). The quick selection tool provides a quick mask, when used with the refine edge command, but the...