1. A

    Help with cut-outs

    Hi - I wasn't sure whether to post this here or the 'asking for free editing' part. I'd just like a little help/advice on cut-outs. My photoshop skills are generally ok, but my dark secret is that I'm *terrible* at doing selections and cut-outs. I have such a complex about it now. I've been...
  2. A

    Gradient tool & layer mask

    I'm having a problem with this. I was watching a tutorial where the person used a layer mask on the a layer image then used gradient tool on the layer mask however when I do this, the gradient doesn't apply on the layer mask. I believe they were using cs6 while I'm using cs3. Any advice?
  3. D

    Combining images for manual HDR image

    Hello Gurus message board! I've never posted here before but look forward to getting to know you folks. I'm a long time Photoshop user (since CS 5) and am truly stumped for the first time in a while. (I think that means i'm trying new things for the first time in a while...) On a recent trip...
  4. gedstar

    New Select and Mask in PSCC20115.5.1

    Just wondering how you people are finding the New Select and Mask feature in PS which was introduced in PSCC2015.5 I've been trying it out and find it pretty hard to make good selections in comparison to the Refine Edge option in CC2015.1.2 and older versions Seems to be very buggy and a lot of...
  5. R

    Matching color to the layer underneath

    Hi all first post. I am am making a quiz and one of the rounds I have chosen is movie posters. I have removed all mention of title etc. but I have also replaced the faces to those of the people taking part in the quiz. Just for a bit of fun. I have no no problems creating the layer to...
  6. E

    Changing the size of a bar

    Hi, I'm a complete newbie when it comes to photoshop (using Photoshop 2015 CC), so I might have a hard time explaining this. I have a psd file and I'm trying to change a progress bar, I didn't create the image, but I have permission to change it and alter it. This is what the progress bar looks...
  7. J

    Filling a logo

    I want to fill in the font here in this image to white, without filling in the area surrounding it. I was hoping to use some kind of mask to automatically keep everything outside of the letter/s transparent. How can I do this?
  8. Sergio Hegner

    Any help with removing the background?

    Hi friends, I'm stubborn and even knowing that this is not a good background to extract I wonder what I"m doing wrong for getting this terrible selection with the new "refine and mask" tool. How do I clean those white/gray blemishes ?? Is this a Photoshop bug?? Yes, if i use the brush tool I...
  9. J

    Patterns in Photoshop CS6

    Am having trouble concluding the exercise here-under for using patterns in Photoshop CS6. In the attached picture, I would like to use a pattern for changing the surface of the pathway in the middle of the picture, this purely as an exercise to teach myself how to use patterns. I am getting...
  10. I

    how to use layer mask in photoshop

    i am totally unknown about usage of layer mask please help me to get out of it
  11. R

    Editable Text as a Layer Mask

    Hi, I have two text layers as illustrated in attachment Liquid-Soul_A. The Fill of both text layers is set to 40%. I want to achieve the effect shown in Liquid-Soul_B but I'd like the text to remain editable. Any ideas? I've tried everything I can think of.
  12. C

    Layer mask checkerboard

    I was working on a layer mask, and now I can't find the checkerboard, where you can see what's not been painted. I only have the layer I'm working on selected. Where did it go? Tks!
  13. C

    Mask several layers with one layer

    I'd like to create a black/white layer, then use it as a mask on several other layers, in such a way that when I change the mask layer, it automatically changes the masking in all the places I've used it as a mask. Is this possible? I can't group the masked layers as they have to be in...
  14. PegoMan

    Quick Mask Opacity

    I recently bought a new MacBook Pro and anytime I use Quick Mask when doing a selection the red color has a very low opacity compared to the same on my iMac 21". It might be something simple, but I haven't been able to increase the opacity. I've included two screen shots, one form the laptop...
  15. M

    Make curved scale with hash marks

    Thanks for accepting me on your wonderful forum I've been looking around and there's a lof of knowledge here. I am an electronics hobbyist and have played with photoshop here and there but this time I'd like to know the right way to draw this. I need to print out an altered face following...
  16. J

    multiple gradient tool on a layer mask

    Hi, Is there a way to apply multiple gradients using gradient tool to a single adjustment layer mask? It can be just one type, let's say black,white. Thank's in advance.
  17. J

    apply image to a mask + adjustment layers

    Hi, How do I use an editable adjustment layer(levels) on a mask after apply image on it. After applying image to a mask I go to adjustments layers on the top menu. After using let's say levels I can not edit it back. If I choose levels again it's not the same anymore. Is there a way of doing it...
  18. MoltresRider

    Brush Tool NOT Working on Layer Masks (Photoshop CC 2015, NOT CS6!!!)

    I am UNABLE to do these steps because EVERY TIME I TRY to paint with the brush like the instructions tell me to, it DOES NOT pain on the layer mask!!! NOTHING HAPPENS UNLESS I delete the layer mask and find out that it was painting...
  19. J

    how can i retouch to such skin ?

    Hi all, how can i achieve such skin retouching ? is it by gassiaun blur or surface blur with a layer mask and brush on ? i greatly appreciate your kindness help =)
  20. B

    Adjusting a layer mask

    Hello all, Probably a rookie question here. I have a texture layer and I'm using Select > Color Range to make selections of it. I have the selection complete. I would like to adjust a layer mask on a different layer using that selection. How is this done? Thank you.