1. Brian Soto

    Gradient Tool 'Replacing, But' Not 'Adding'

    I'm going through a tutorial where we're using a technique that employs the use of the basic gradient tool to cover parts of a layer mask. From what I can tell, the instructor in the video is using a default black to white gradient. The problem I'm having is that he keep using the gradient tool...
  2. sstjohn

    Vector mask layer(please see image in post)

    How do I achieve a layer like the one shown (vector mask)? I have been using PS for years and I am having a real brain fart here! Please help!
  3. ibclare

    Greyed Layers

    I have, on more than one occasion, experienced layers going from highlighted to greyed out. The only way I have found to return accessibility is to double click the layer to bring up the layer styles palette, which restores the highlighted layer. Even at that, however, I can't use the mask...
  4. M

    No Pixels More Than 50%

    Hey All, First time post here: I'm using Photoshop CS6, trying to make a selection using a quick mask and a brush. Normally I would put the quick mask on, paint in my selection using a brush preset and then turn off the mask, invert the selection, and use refine selection to make it a new...
  5. B

    Question on Vector Mask Functionality

    Hello everyone, I'm fairly new to Photoshop CS 5 so I apologize if I am asking the wrong type of questions, here goes: When working with Vector Masks can you: 1) "Link" or "share" one image's vector mask with other images? (ex. If I made "Building A" then duplicated it, but then wanted to...
  6. M

    need help with clipping mask

    I must be getting dense in my old age..I have watched a half a dozen vids and tutorials on how to use clipping masks (they we all different in their mythology due to different vers) and several threads have said forget PS, use Illustrator. I saw this photo on the web and I am trying to...
  7. pslane

    Same tutorial, different proble with mask

    Hello again. Looking at the screen shot, please tell me how to get the render/clouds on the layer mask as the tut directions say. I've never seen it done like that. Thank you again.
  8. nachofrades

    Collapse Layers with mask

    Hi Folks! I have a very big layer stack (about 100) and I want to know if it's possible to merge two layers mantaining the maks (in both the same mask), I have tried but not working methods... Thanks!
  9. H

    Need help with clipping masks (I think...)

    Hi everyone! I am completely new to these forums but I really need your help... I've been tasked with creating a couple of pictures like the one you see above (other people and other words). I thought I could more or less read a couple of tutorials online and voila! I would be able to do it...
  10. T

    Illustrator How to crop content or mask content of a layer containing a lot of elements

    I've been provided with a logo in a square format - it's lots of elements all in 1 layer making up the logo. I've been asked to make it into a circle so some of the background and other elements will not show that fall being that circle, only the parts inside the circle should show. I'm not an...
  11. T

    Please help with removing background from busy foreground

    I need to remove this grey background from the picture. Every selection tool I have tried also removes the fan guard as well. Anybody have a painless way to do this without losing the integrity of the picture? Thanks in advance
  12. K

    Illustrator Please help, need to add Texture to object

    Hello, I need help adding textures (skin) to objects in Illustrator CS6. I am able to add the physical characteristics of the texture, but it's always masked by a color, as in, I can never just add the texture itself to box or background. I made sure to convert the texture I was using to PSD...
  13. P


    Hello, This is my first post, so please bear with me if I don't do this correctly. I have an image of a dog that I'm editing. I took the photo in a studio with a white backdrop. I want to remove a shadow that is behind the dog so the whole background is white. I do not want to lose the detail...
  14. S

    I am having trouble with layer mask settings (I THINK)

    Hi there, this is my first post of hopefully many i love using photoshop however my enjoy has been mered wtih an issue i have with my layer mask.. When i try to use layer mask to blend two images together where it used to completely remove the top layer it now only removes like 80% leaving like...
  15. P

    Actions Making an action that ends displaying a channel mask in B/W mode?

    Hi guys! I've searched all over and can't find a way to do this. I've made an action that makes a channel mask for a curves layer, and the final item in the action is "Select mask channel" with the setting "Without Make Visible"... How do I have it make it visible instead?
  16. PhotoshopTrainingChannel

    Photoshop Training Channel Tutorials Thread

    Hope you enjoy this video. Any questions let me know!Thanks!Tutorial Asset Files: Image:
  17. F

    Help with putting mask+pattern onto group

    So I used to be able to do this in CS3, but recently got CS5 and found that I can't exactly do the same anymore. What I did was make a group, then a mask on the group and then the mask was a pattern. I'd make a new layer for the group and anything I did in the group had a nice texture/pattern...
  18. R

    Using adjustment layers with masks

    Hi all, I think I'm missing something obvious here but here's my problem: Lets say I have an area of a picture to which I want to apply a adjustment layer such as Hue/Saturation. I select the area and create a mask. I then apply a Hue/Saturation adjustment layer. The problem is that the...
  19. S

    Refine mask problem

    Hi there I am new to this group and have been using Photoshop many years. The Refine Mask tool is really a great tool if used tactfully. It looks awesome in tutorials also specially if your instructor is someone like Deke. However, I am experiencing some problems to get the desired results even...
  20. E

    Quick Mask not working CS4

    My quick mask mode was working until a few weeks ago. I click on quick mask to cut out a section of a photo, then I use the brush tool. I cut out the section, I de-select the mask tool and then i make a new layer copy of that section. but everytime I do this, it seems to look transparent; like...