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Big Favor to ask

Mylez Branscum

New Member
Hi im sorry to just come on here and ask a big favor like this. I've been trying to do this for over a week now but its just so hard but really important to me. I have uploaded two photos A team picture with the coaches behind the kids,and one of me and the other coaches. one of the coaches didnt coach that year so after the picture was taken i stepped in. I was hoping for that someone on here would photoshop me behind the kids so i can have a picture with me in it. Im sorry to ask but i have no other option and if you dont want to that is fine i will understand its a long shot.

If you do decide to. The pic with only the coaches in it ,the guy in the midddle without the hat is Me. I would like to be put over the guy thats not in that photo on the team photo where he in or beside him whatever is easiest i guess. I have no high expectations just to show me in the team photo.


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Well spotted Viewtiful, I actually wasted my time doing this for the OP but I noticed he never replied so deleted the post!
Thanks for that!
Looks like the OP didn't reply there either
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Guys, many of our members who make requests like this will make the same request in other forums and/or help sites. This is a common practice. There's also no problem in doing so. He may have been in a time crunch and took the first edited image he was offered and moved on, hence the lack of a response.

If our forum produces better results than other forums, perhaps it would look better on us rather than being so critical of his cross posting of his request.
Members don't have to do anything if they don't wish to participate in such projects, me i love the challenge.
Good point Sam and taken on board. I just realized looking at the other forum I had put him in the wrong place anyway.
One on the right i think, could be wrong but i went with my Sherlock senses and deduced that the other two guys are in the other photo:mrgreen:
I thought so as well Paul, but Ged seemed to think he had the wrong guy in his edit. Who knows?