1. J

    Logo design challenge

    Hey guys, Over the past couple of days I have been lucky enough to have a few ppl work on an official logo for me on here for free for a AAA baseball team I coach. Here it is here: What im looking for now is a creative mind who wants a challenge to design a secondary (alternate) logo for my...
  2. J

    New here

    hello everyone, My name is josh. Im from atlantic canada and married and I'm a father to a 1 year old. The reason I signed up is because I coach a baseball team and we are in constant need of graphics that need updating and I honestly don't know anyone who is capable to photoshop stuff or do...
  3. G

    Couple of team photo transplants

    Hi. Hope someone can help. Want to give all our players a copy of this team photo, however there are a couple of small problems. The guy back left looks a little miserable, and the guy 2 along is blinking. Their photos are much better in the other. Is it possible for someone to transplant their...
  4. G

    Face transplant for team photo

    Hi. I was hoping somebody might be able to help superimpose the smiling face of our goalkeeper onto his rather glum face on the team photo. His parents are quite disappointed the only decent photo of everyone else has one of their child looking gloomy. I've tried to do it myself but with the...
  5. S

    Competitive Gaming Team Emblem - $45

    Hello, My friends along with myself are wishing to take our skills in competitive gaming and like all pro teams they have an emblem that represents them and there name. We would grealty appreciate it if you gurus would help us in our dreams of an amazing competitive gaming emblem for our Team...
  6. T

    Cs Go Team

    Hi guys, I’m here again to make another request, so I play in an amateur csgo team with some friends and we are looking for a new team logo and since you helped me the last time I decided to come again for help. So our team name is TugaThunders and we were thinking in 2 capital “T’s” in the...
  7. T

    Help with Team photo

    Hello, 2 of my son's coaches and their kids were absent from team photo day. I managed to get them in the picture, but the colouring is all off as the pictures I took of them with my camera was closer and tooka a deeper picture than the team photo sent to me by the photographer. Is there a...
  8. StingerXVII

    Image Modification

    Can somebody crop out this background and then add angel wings onto the back of this person. I want to get the image put on a few shirts for the rest of the team. I coach a basketball team one of my kids recently got murdered. Please and thank you
  9. P

    Team Banner&Icon

    Hey guys. I have a team and we need a banner. Our name is Blue Monsters. So i would like someone to give this pic a blue tone, and type Blue Monsters on it with a creepy font. And maybe you could give a blue tone to the eye picture.
  10. C

    Can someone make this picture a silhouette

    I am trying to make a silhouette of the guy in red and the kickball so I can get it printed on a koozie for my kickball team. Preferably a black background and the figure white and the ball red. My team name is "Fresh Kicks" So if you have any ideas to make the shoes pop out please do so. Thank you!
  11. J

    Suggestions on Logo

    I am creating a logo for my engineering team at my highschool. Our team name is Ninoxide. This is based on Ninox which is latin for a type of owl. The owl part of my logo looks ok but I feel like it is missing something. Could someone please help? Thank you .
  12. G

    Team photo + member on new layer

    Hello, I have taken a photo of a basketball team. 1 person was not present that day and was inserted later in Photoshop. Cutting him out was easy, but the trouble is the lightning of both pictures was different: - the skin color of the group is yellowish - the skin color of the single person is...
  13. O

    Need your help for our suicide prevention foundation

    In October of this year our foundation will be participating in a Out of Darkness walk for the American foundation for suicide prevention. We would love to have a t-shirt made for our team incorporating our logo which I have attached along with something to do with out of darkness or walking to...
  14. Steve

    We have a new Moderator

    I am very pleased to announce that today we have a new Moderator. Gedstar has agreed to join the team and help us keep PSG great forum that it is. Thanks Gedstar :thumbsup: :clap::happy:
  15. flui1337

    Looking for a Team Logo.

    Hello, I'm looking for someone to make a logo for my team, Team Unbreakable. What I need is a simple logo to be honest, mainly focusing on the letters UBK. All I really need is the logo to be simple, and in 2D so that I can easily edit it for the team members. If you're able to do it, reply with...
  16. D

    Clan logo

    Hello I have seen his works and I have liked the form the designs of the images and they are amazing, now we are growing as a team of League of Legends and I think that the members of this team will be motivated on having seen an interesting logo. I would like a logo similar to the logos of...
  17. M

    Big Favor to ask

    Hi im sorry to just come on here and ask a big favor like this. I've been trying to do this for over a week now but its just so hard but really important to me. I have uploaded two photos A team picture with the coaches behind the kids,and one of me and the other coaches. one of the coaches...
  18. C

    Need 2D Logo for CSGO team.

    Need 2D Logo for CSGO team. $50 for services Ok so as the title says i need a logo for my CSGO (Counter Strike Global Offense) Team. I already have a picture drawn out, but i need the skills of a Photoshop master to make it come to the computer screen. if you can, make at least 3 different...
  19. T

    I need help making a clan logo PLS

    I know you would be doing this free of charge for a complete stranger but i was hoping to get a clan logo made for my call of duty team. I am not very good at photoshop yet im still learning so i was hoping someone skilled and kind enough to help me would. I'm looking for a Faze or Optic type...
  20. B

    Help? Need help putting images together.

    I was looking on youtube and other sites for instructions for putting a sports team in front of their team logo. I have a photo of the team and the logo but am having difficulty putting them both together so the team is infront of the logo. I gave included some sample photos. I know this is...