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Retouch Photo

Tom Mann

I didn't see Chris's comments when I was preparing my comments, but I couldn't agree more.

Some things that immediately caught my attention were:

a) the hyper saturated greens and blues are, IMHO, over the top.

b) the increase in contrast is too much (eg, look at how the detail under the child's leg is turned to mud).

c) I would draw the viewer's eye to the subject with a subtle vignetting centered on her.

d) The lens used to take the photo has jittery bokeh (ie, "nervous" out of focus areas). I would smooth out the green background slightly.

e) There is a slight magenta cast in the extreme lower RH corner of the image that should be fixed.

Perhaps, something like this.


Tom M

PS - Ignore the diffusion dots in the green background. That is just an artifact of using a GIF animation --- it has only 256 colors, so to reproduce other colors, it has to use diffusion /dithering. The real file doesn't have this.


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