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  1. F

    Retouch Delete all the people around us.

    In the photo I took with a friend the other day, there are people in the background. Please remove them. Thank you very much.
  2. F

    Creative Hi! Could you please edit this photo to make me more attractive/beautiful?

    Feel free to make as many drastic or minimal changes as you feel the photo needs. I don't mind changes in hair, body shape, face structure, or anything else. If possible, could you also let me know your age and gender if you do fulfill the request? I'd love to get a really varied response. Thank...
  3. I

    Specific Model Re-touch

    Hi, I am a model and on the day I did this shoot i did not look my best. Unfortunately the photographer did not re-touch the image. Some simple enhancement and skin clearing would be fantastic please. :) Thanks so much for your effort! I really appreciate all you creatives :D Elijah
  4. L

    Best way to erase fabric wrinkles

    Hello guys, I am looking for a fast and effective way to erase wrinkles on these fabric ducts hanging on the ceiling. The result should be smooth, but natural looking. The process will be done often and should be less time consuming if possible. I've tried frequency separation, but it only...
  5. N

    Specific Please could you make a grainy photo somewhat clearer?

    I’m hoping this is allowed. If not please remove. My Aunt and Uncle were victims last month of theft and a lot of stock stolen from their shop. With not much luck in finding these two people. We have got a photo from their shops cctv. They have got permission to put there own ads up with hope...
  6. T

    Specific Could someone fix the clouds?

    Hi, this pic is a continuing work from someone else, thought there would be one more fix for the picture Anyway, would anyone be able to make the grayer clouds in the pic look more coherent with the rest of the sky? I would like to see the gray areas turned more white and the sky look a lot...
  7. N

    Blue sky replacement done in 18 seconds

  8. K

    Brighter Days: Color Study [Photo Retouch] - #kzOFFBEAT

    I'm trying to improve my techniques for coloring, this is the result of a simple color enhancement and retouch I made to keep on learning. :rolleyes:
  9. C

    Removing lines from old photo

    I have this old family photo (attached) that has white lines all throughout it. I was wondering if anyone has any ideas as to how I could remove the white lines. I was thinking there might be a way to make another layer of the photo and shift it down a pixel or two in order to offset the white...
  10. C

    Can someone edit the people out?

    Can someone please remove just the two people on the left side of the image and just retouch the photo up a bit?
  11. E

    Portrait Retouch Before/After

    A little before and after retouch of a friend's portrait. Before He wanted to look a little skinnier.
  12. A


    One colleague ask me to retouch an image of his practice, the original image have some issues, so i made it to practice. What do you think? it's excessive? for me looks better, but maybe the model change too much and doesn't seem the same person.
  13. A


    After long time without using photoshop i start again with this retouch on and image of google. Original Retouch and a fast montage that i do because i was bored :wink:
  14. E

    First Proper Beauty Retouch Edit!

    Helloooooo good people of the PSGuru Forum! I have officially made my first proper beauty retouch edit. I'm really happy with how it turned out and am SO excited to put it up in my portfolio. It's my own picture too, so that's an added plus. Buttttt, I would very much love to hear what you...
  15. E

    What tools/filters for retouching face/complexion ?

    What tools/filters should I use for making someones face/complexion look better (in photoshop). - ie: better complexion and a bit more smooth skin.. (its popular in Asian Photos and it makes the face look slightly plastic). here are typical examples of what I mean:
  16. B

    Retouch Photo

    How you guy think about this:question::question::question:
  17. Brian Soto

    Caffeine Fueled 8 Hour Composite for Photoshop Gurus

    I stumbled into this thread the other day, and thought I might borrow the image (model's name is Kirby Griffin) and see what I could cook up. What started as a small quickie exercise soon turned into a...
  18. A

    Basic Tutorial - Whitening Teeth In Photshop
  19. H

    Need help in Diamond retouch

    I'm freelancer, and I'm working on jewelry retouch. I wish to reach high level in this field, but I see all you tube lessons in this field and some from Lynda sit, but still can't find all I needs. So I need your help in 2 important things: First and fast: How can I retouch diamond and keep it...
  20. D

    My First Photo Retouch...

    Folks here is an image that I did my first EVER attempt at retouching. it is an image of myself when I was a child (obviously) I did this retouch about 6 years ago, and am planning on totally redoing it again soon---