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  1. I

    what methods do i use to achieve this look?

    hey guys, does some one know how i can achieve this look?
  2. IamSam

    Before and After Retouching....What's your opinion?

    The internet is chock full of Before and After Retouching images by common folk, Ps enthusiasts, and of course so called professionals. In this thread, I would like to get a good idea of what everyone's opinion might be on what they consider to be good examples or bad examples of Photo...
  3. I

    Nice to meet you all:) (wannebeskinretoucher)

    hello you! my name is Bryan and im from the Netherlands, a few months ago i started trying out photoshop, i really like it and im learning new things every day! im alwas busy with retouching faces.. iknow every bodys perfect the way they are but still.. i really enjoy doing it.. i try...
  4. H

    Image Edit Request! (free) For my stepbrothers birthday.

    Hi! I read the guidelines for requesting a free image edit request but please excuse me if this is the wrong forum (?). I have a photo I'd love to photoshop a pair of strangers OUT of. My stepbrother and I just did an incredible hike at Zion National Park, and I'd love to blow up the picture...
  5. K

    Help Retouching Photo Please!

    Hello, I was wondering if someone can do a couple quick and easy retouches for me. I am horrible at editing.. Im looking to lighten my eyes, and hair and whiten my teeth. I also want to make my skin look less pale if possible Thanks in advance!
  6. IamSam

    Photo Retouching practice.

    I recently read a comment in this THREAD and decided I would start a thread with a a few torn images that need to be repaired. For anyone interested in attempting a repair, please feel free to join in! Post your progress and most of all, ask questions if needed. For you more seasoned shoppers...
  7. X

    Give me some comment about my photos and my retouching. thanks!

    Hi, I'm learning photography. I just took this photo and do some retouches with ARC and Ps. Please give me some comments to help me make it better next time. Thanks!
  8. X

    Retouch totally with Camera Raw

    I just used Camera Raw for this picture, I think it's nice.
  9. Jbknight3

    Self-Portrait First Retouch Attempt Ever. Opinion?

    Hey there guys/girls. New to the forum, not new to photoshop or photography. :) When I say first attempt ever, I mean that before this, I have never really tried going all out on making a portrait look good. I have done edits before, but the were either super unrealistic results, very contrasty...
  10. SolidBrowser

    Old Photo Retouching Help....

    Hi, I retouching why grandpa's old photo that is a little torn and yellow stuff on the top right with him in the middle. I want to blow him away by adding colour using the colour blend mode and using colour from other photos I find ex; to use on his skin, I can go on google images and find a...
  11. TheABP

    Barack Obama

    before after
  12. TheABP


    Spot Healing Brush Tool + Adjustment Layers :arrowu:
  13. iborov

    Floor polisher

    Here are some pictures of a floor polisher that I shoot these days. Let me know what you think. !B
  14. P

    More retouch pratice shots.

    OK so here is last nights practice.. Orignal Retouch: Orignal retouch: orignal: Retouch:
  15. Vafann

    First try at skin retouch

    This is the first time I have tried to retouch skin. I tried an inverted highpass technique tutorial, and then I tried some adjustments of my own. I was sloppy with the cutting out and the background, I was concentrating on the skin, I don´t know I well I did, is it too exaggerated? :)
  16. marcosgnfilho

    Retouch [Color, skin, lens]

    Hey everyone! I'm new here so I would like you to know a little from my fun time on pohtoshop. I like to change just some details, colors and improve quality of pics and try give then a diferent look. There's some of it: (Of course, "before" on the left, "after" on the right...
  17. D

    photo retouch images

    Hello, I am in need of some extremely high quality raw images to retouch and use as samples. The companies that I worked for were very chincy as far as letting you use their images for your portfolio. If you have quality images that you need retouched I will do it for free, as long as you...
  18. M

    Retouch Cologne
  19. R

    Retouch of a studio portrait

    So a friend of mine gave this to me and wanted me to enhance it. The contrast was wrong and he didn't like some of the other elements present on his subject. I didn't change the wrist cuff, although I wish I could it's ugly.
  20. brandon skyy

    Model Retouch (WITH VIDEO)

    I just started doing videos for youtube of before and after, thought i'd post it along with the pics and get your opinions!