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    How To Retouch Jewelry ?

    Hey everyone, I jewelry rings, bracelets, etc that I want to start selling online. My camera can only do so much so photoshop is needed in order to make the pics look spectacular. Below is a before and after someone I asked to retouch for me. He's planning to charge me a little too high and I...
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    I need to retouch sample photos for my portfolio. Where should/can I post a request?

    I have been an in-studio portrait retouch artist for over 7 years and am not able to use the images in my portfolio. I would like to start doing some freelance work but I need samples! I was hoping I could post something requesting some photos to retouch. Does anyone have any suggestions...
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    How to duplicate this effect?

    I'd like to have this plastic look in my arsenal for models to choose the look and feel they want on they're images.