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One colleague ask me to retouch an image of his practice, the original image have some issues, so i made it to practice.
What do you think? it's excessive? for me looks better, but maybe the model change too much and doesn't seem the same person.

sin título1.jpgsin título2.jpg
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Thanks eggy i understand, i did before study images that look natural, of course the light, skin, makeup its a lot better, thats why i said the original image had issues and want to try it, in this case because of the problem more than retouching i made a recreation (light shadowscolour tone..).

Thats why i ask if it was too much :cheesygrin:, because i always go and like the natural look.

Cheers and thx for your honesty,

edit: By the way, the lack of contrast was a personal choice ^^
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Because of the texture problem, i try it to create the texture as well, for practice. I know is not the same, but long time not using it so is good to remember it.

sin título5.jpg

I try to match the texture from the original.

sin títuloT.jpg