1. Jerry D

    Hello Everyone

    I like to play with PS but not very good at it. I'm sure I can learn from you all. I'll try not to screw up, but can't promise anything. :)
  2. O

    Hello every one

    Hello community, I am omi007. New member of this forum. beginner at adobe photoshop. If you help me I promise I can be pro. Thanks
  3. N

    How to create a Graffiti Wallpaper

    In this video I show you how to make a Graffiti like Wallpaper. Excuse the music in the background and the long music end, somehow I have forgotten to cut the music at the end. I promise my other videos are better. :wink: Watch and Enjoy
  4. K

    My first time showing. promise you show it to me to!

    Hey guys and gals. i'm designing this thingie for my girlfriend. shes the editor of her colleges student union magazine. they needed a design for a promotion counter that they will use on the first day of school this year to attract new students to write for it. long story short, this is what...