1. Z

    male head model post processed

    so today, I sat at the PC for a little bit of Zbrush practice, I ended up playing around with the idea of doing a very quick study of a male head... This was the outcome after roughly an hour and a half rather than enter into any more detail an lock the PC up (I need more RAM) I decided to...
  2. F

    How to improve?

    This car, I saw for real a few days ago. Yes, with a "Just Married" sticker on the back. So I wanted to play with it. I'm not sure if it is any good, so please, suggestions welcome (no edits though, I want to keep it my work, thanks) (I didn't add a shadow for the penguin, as I was not sure...
  3. K

    How to change image scale

    I have image scale 667 x 1000 px. But I need scale 250 x 330 px. I use Image size , not choose Constrain Proportions but image looks strange. Can anyone help me how to scale it ? Thank you
  4. T

    Crop an image with specific proportions

    How can I crop an image if I am given certain proportions, like 16x7 or 4x3? Thanks.:)
  5. E

    How to resize an image and keep the proportions?

    Hello, I know this is very easy, but I am seriously stuck with this one. How do I resize images and keep the standard proportions of my images? Now when I change width or height, my image get stretched. Thanks in advance :)