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  1. pslane

    Illustrator not enough rams?

    I am attaching an error box that says there is not enough ram available. I'm (trying to) do this tutorial, using the 3D tool. What can do about this? Thanks, pslane
  2. pslane

    Illustrator move arrows

    I just cranked up my old copy of Illustrator and started brushing up. When I click the arrow key to move, it moves too far. How can I adjust this? Thanks, pslane
  3. pslane

    Where are my blending tools?

    In PS CC 2015, there are some blending selections missing. What's happened to them? I was going to use the outer glow and there is none. Thank you. pslane
  4. pslane

    Illustrator need a perspective editing tool

    Good Saturday to you. I am making a ribbon trailing from a bow and the tool I need is a perspective tool to get the top corners to draw inward, leaving the bottom as is. I can't seem to find the tool for that. Can you help? Thanks, pslane
  5. pslane

    Illustrator using effects on an object

    Here's a quick one. What do I have to do to an object to be able to add effects such as texture to it? They are grayed out now. Thanks pslane
  6. pslane

    Illustrator Rotating an object

    I notice when I try to rotate an object, this makes it distorted. Any way I can do this without changing the shape? Thanks pslane
  7. pslane

    unconstrained triangle

    Hello all, I need to make a triangle and the drop down is set for fixed and I don't seem to have an "unconstrained" option like I do with the rectangle. It will only make ready-made triangles. What to do? Thanks, pslane
  8. pslane

    Pixel art with PhotoShop

    Hello, I do a lot of pixel art with PSP and would like to do it with PS. Tonight I tried and the pixels won't come out clear. Is there a secret to making pixel art with PS? Thanks, pslane
  9. pslane

    saving transparent

    Hello, I am still in the learning mode with Photoshop. I've run across something I am clueless about. How to save a transparent png or gif. I saved it like I do in PSP but when I posted it on another forum, it has a black background. Can you explain to me how to save it transparent the...
  10. pslane

    help with a tutorial I am attempting to do the above tutorial. After I finished, I see that my dolphins are transparent and you can see the large dolphin through the baby dolphin. Since I don't want to start over, is there anything I can...