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    Fixing tungsten colour casts?

    I am trying to remove a horrible colour cast from a tungsten light on the hair and skin of a bunch of photos but I've tried a bunch of methods and can't seem to get rid of it completely without spending 15 minutes on each photo... I've tried using hue and saturation adjustment and trying to hit...
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    liquid color areas

    some time age i've created an action to colorize some areas of the picture by using color range: https://www.photoshopgurus.com/forum/general-photoshop-board/54310-color-elements-post1533712158.html#post1533712158 but how can i achieve such "liquid" areas?
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    color range preview (in color)

    when i select some color during color range selection a new windows opens and i can see selection as black white and increase or descrease selection precision. how can i see it directly on the color image and change it there?
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    How do I select a specific value range in an image?

    I have a microscope image below, and I would like to select all the grey long blobs on the image, and get how many pixels they are. I was thinking about selecting a specific value range, but I do not know how to accomplish that. Could someone give me some suggestions to make a value range...
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    best color match

    what is the best way to find which color on one picture is closest to some palette of color shade?anything better than color range tool with tolerance?
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    Zooming within Color Range

    Is it possible to zoom in / out of my image while using the Color Range ?
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    Use the dynamics range in the RAW file to render out hair

    Hey guys. - I wan't to share with you a new tutorial i made tonight. The Raw image contains a lot of data (Huge dynamics range) use the raw filter to explore this and use it to your advantage. THis might not be the perfect method for rendering hair - but’s its a valid and good one, and good...
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    Faking HDR or "high Dynamic Range"

    "HDR" or "High Dynamic Range" is a technique used by photographers to achieve "perfectly" exposed photographs. The concept is to take a series of photographs at different exposures and combining them into one perfect image. In this tutorial we will borrow this concept and use Photoshop layers...
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    Changing the tonal range of 1 layer in Photoshop

    I am trying to create a children's textile/wallpaper design portfolio digitally and I'd like to know how to change a scan of a hand-painted motif into a tonal range of 1 colour in photoshop. I discovered the duotone trick, but this changes the whole file (whilst flattening all layers)...