1. N

    Specific Someone please edit this headset

    Can someone please edit this? Thank you! Please **Make it as realistic as possible!!** Even if you have to render the image a tiny bit lower quality. 1) Change the background to a different table (preferably a glass one) 2) Change the left earphone into a green one. 3) Move the broken...
  2. P

    Specific Feudal Japan Tengoku

    Can someone please make a realistic version of this?
  3. EchoTheGecko

    Specific Change cat’s eye color from green to blue

    I would do this myself, but sadly I’m on vacation and away from my pc, so I’d appreciate it if anyone could do this quickly for me. Quickly change the cat’s eye color from the pale green it currently is to a frosty blue color, please try to make it look realistic! Change this cat’s eye color...
  4. Zain Khan

    Realistic Apple Digital Painting

    Hi there This is one my latest Digital painting done using Photoshop CS6. I completed it last night. Feel free to comment :)
  5. A

    Please photoshop these images

    First of all, I can't upload the images directly due to them being to large. :( For this one, I need someone to replace the fake looking pistol with a realistic looking one. For this one, I am going to need someone to...
  6. LeslieLushly

    Monkey News!

    Hi! My brother has always wanted a squirrel monkey so I tried putting one on his shoulder. I'm having trouble getting it to look realistic, can someone do this for me? Thanks! This is the image I was working from and last but not least, here's the monkey!
  7. A

    I need someone to Photoshop this, please.

    Can some please get rid of the fake looking pistol and put in a realistic looking one and get rid of the yellow background?
  8. A

    Help photoshop this.

    Can someone please replace the fake looking pistol with a realistic looking one?
  9. T

    Photo removal and replacement individual [$10]

    Please photoshop me (asian guy) into this picture of my girlfriends family at the beach Please adjust my body to the shadow from the umbrella and proportion my body to match the rest of the people in the picture. If possible make it as realistic as possible in which it looks as if I was in the...
  10. K

    Need help with toothless mouth photoshop

    Can anyone help me make myself look like I lost a tooth? I need it to be realistic looking
  11. G

    Help coloring in my next tattoo.

    My wife drew my next tattoo for me and I'm trying to get a couple of different renders of what it may look like in color but I'm no good at it and seems like many of you are. I'm just looking for it to be as realistic as one would expect a heart to look like going through this much trauma...
  12. N

    Need fresh eyes to look at this pic please!

    Hi! I feel like I've looked at this pic for too long to know how it looks, can I please get some feedback. Would you say that it looks realistic? I'm purposely avoiding listing what exactly what would or would not look realistic to try get the overall effect. Thanks
  13. U

    What's the best way to transform a photo into a simple cartoon/clipart?

    I want to create images like this from a portrait of a person. It doesn't have to look too realistic and the person has a very unique appeareance. Examples:
  14. R

    need help on how to make the subject(man) more realistic to the background

    Hi , Any help ideas is very much appreciated. thanks, Redell
  15. J

    Realistic fire

    Hi. How can I do this super realistic fire? Many thanks for your time.
  16. K

    How to make realistic glowing LED effect

    Hello! This is my first post! I'm pretty new to photoshop but not completely helpless. I'm trying to make a realistic LED display identical to this: Here is what I've got: Pretty bad. I've messed with the glow features but nothing looks realistic at all: Still not there. Does anyone have...
  17. R

    Realistic Grass in Photoshop

    I just want to share this to beginners like me. In this video, you will learn how to create a realistic grass in Photoshop. You can use this trick in some of your project. I hope it will help. Thanks
  18. S

    Just started photoshop

    Hi , i have just started photoshop and is there a way to make things look more realistic ? IM NOT REALLY SURE ABOUT MUCH BUT I MANAGED DO 1 :cheesygrin::cheesygrin: Could some one help please
  19. T

    Help making this effect

    i was hoping the smart people here might have some idea as to how to create photos in Photoshop that have a slight illustrative quality to them like a hyper realistic drawing the best example of this I know of is Andrew Zuckerman Not sure where to start in making this effect
  20. S

    Wondering how I can make this composite more realistic

    Here is the final picture that I have so far, I'm not sure what I can do to make it look a little more realistic? Here is some of the photos I used prior to compositing in photoshop: Lamp Post: Friend Torso and thighs: Friend legs...