1. G

    PShop face-aware liquify problem

    Is there a workaround for using PShop's new face-aware liquify tool if the tool does not recognize there is a face in the image? For example, the tool says that there is no face detected in this image: Is there a way to perhaps alter the image so that the tool "sees" the face? I tried putting...
  2. chrisdesign

    3D 3D Grasshopper

    This is a work in progress. Still a long way to go. But one can recognize the shape of the grasshopper already.
  3. iDad

    My CC Photoshop does not recognize my fonts

    My CC Photoshop does not recognize my fonts I purchased, anybody know how to make that happen? I have them in suitcase Fusion five it's not recognizing it anymore....UGH
  4. adeee

    Dos any body recognize this font?

    I want to know the font name of the word torment. in picture below. its captcha. anyone.?
  5. SeniorS

    Help recognize font.

    Help recognize font [CLOSE] Does someone recognize that font? What The Font didn't help much. It's look kinda Glypha but has more angular (translator) edges. Thanks in advance.
  6. P

    Does any one recognize this plugin or filter?

    Does anyone recognize this plugin or filter? I am attaching 2 jpgs - hope it works - it is my first attachment. Thanks!