1. R

    Create a mask with a straight but rotated edge

    I am using the stamp tool and need to go up to a straight edge (i.e a picture frame). If I use the rectangular marque tool then use the transform to rotate it, the background rotates with it. I'm missing something... Thank you... Todd
  2. H

    My Rectangular Marquee Tool is leaving selections all over the place

    My Rectangular Marquee Tool is leaving selections everywhere and the selections are weird with squares in the corners at times. It also seems to have a history so when I Ctrl+Alt+Z it goes back to the previous selection. I have new selection enabled but I still get this problem and it is...
  3. P

    there is one problem in cropping my image balloon

    hello, I have one new problem and it is about crop!!! when I use "crop tool" only I can cut horizontally and vertically by move the mouse. Photoshop is a great software and I want the balloon only in the software,Right on such as when I use "crop tool" and I cut horizontally and vertically by...
  4. Rufkraft

    Turning a rectangular stripe into a circle?

    Hello Everyone! I have been having a difficult time turning a rectangular strip into a semicircle to make a seamless whole. So far I have used a circle as a guide and warped & puppet warped the strip. My results have been less than satisfactory. I was wondering if there is a better...
  5. W

    Diagonal Rectangular Marquee?

    Hello all, I am wondering if there is a way to create a diagonal rectangular marquee. When I have tried to rotate the marquee diagonally it rotates the entire image with it, which is not what I want. Any advice would be appreciated. I have done some searching on the forum, but haven't really...
  6. B

    Illustrator Cut out rectangular shape from scene

    Hi there, I'm rather new to AI and trying to produce the pictures for my thesis with it... at the moment, I'm stuck with a molecule, where I have to put some atoms in (letters). I already constructed all atomic bonds by lines. To place the atoms in the rings, I need to tare the corners of...
  7. M

    Rectangular selection tool showing up as an elipse

    I am attempting to select an area of a jpg file with the rectangular tool. While drawing the shape I see a rectangle but as soon as I release the mouse I end up with an elipse. Help! How can I fix this? Additionally, the define pattern function is greyed out and I can't use it on this...