refine edge

  1. O

    A Hairy Problem

    Hi guys, I am having a really annoying problem that I can't quite find a good solution for. I am relatively familiar with some of the techniques for removing subjects from the background, but I am having a real issue with one area in particular. In the attached image, I am finding it really...
  2. Rufkraft

    Refine Edge help and suggestions?

    Greetings out there in Guru land, I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on a refine edge/mask. I have a project which requires masking of a bunch of piles of dirt..yes, dirt. I basically need to make the edge as clean as possible for the images will be transferred onto a black...
  3. S

    Problem doing a selective gaussian blur in CS6

    My Photoshop knowlege is limited and I only need to use it for a few things. In CS4 I was able to select a small area of an image with the selection tool. I would then go into 'Refine Edge' and feather the selection. Then I would go into filters and apply a gaussian blur to the selection...