1. Eggy

    How to Find the Original Refine Edge Tool in Photoshop CC 2017

    Those who are using PS CC 2017 and can't get used to the 'select and mask' here's a tip how to get 'Refine Edge' back:
  2. Sir-Adrian Mwangudza

    Started doing Image manipulation

    Hi recently go an interest in image manipulation.Kindly advice on what i could have done to refine the image.There is a video showcasing the whole process.
  3. gedstar

    New Select and Mask in PSCC20115.5.1

    Just wondering how you people are finding the New Select and Mask feature in PS which was introduced in PSCC2015.5 I've been trying it out and find it pretty hard to make good selections in comparison to the Refine Edge option in CC2015.1.2 and older versions Seems to be very buggy and a lot of...
  4. M

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down

    Refine and Edge feature -Not able to get all view modes in the drop down I am trying to use selection tool for editing a image and after doing that i am clicking on Refine and Edge button and in that in the view mode does not show me all the drop downs. is there a way to enable this from any...
  5. J

    Lasso Polygonal - include a subtract in old refine or refine new subtract alone

    Hi all, I have finished using the Polygonal Lasso tool to select an object with ruff edges by zooming to 200% and slowly making my way around the shape, when I finished I did a "Refine" for the selection and it looked fine. Then I subtracted 2 new areas, each of these two areas are separate...
  6. Rufkraft

    Refine Edge help and suggestions?

    Greetings out there in Guru land, I was wondering if anyone had some suggestions on a refine edge/mask. I have a project which requires masking of a bunch of piles of dirt..yes, dirt. I basically need to make the edge as clean as possible for the images will be transferred onto a black...
  7. O

    Pentool vs refine tool.

    Which one is better to remove background from an image? Pentool or refine tool. Thanks
  8. J

    refine edge problem

    Hi all, when i try to do the refine edge to get the details out from the face left side. it somehow having some stroke problem? can anyone guide me how can i go about it ? i have watch a few videos and follow through the matter but somehow i still getting this stroke problem. sometime when i...
  9. T

    Refine Edge Problem

    Using CC2014, when I use the Quick Selection tool, and then try to us Refine Edge and the Refine Radius brush, the brush will not open. Instead, I get that circle with a slash where the brush should be. In the tutorials, the brush works. Not for me. Simple setting error?
  10. S

    Refine mask problem

    Hi there I am new to this group and have been using Photoshop many years. The Refine Mask tool is really a great tool if used tactfully. It looks awesome in tutorials also specially if your instructor is someone like Deke. However, I am experiencing some problems to get the desired results even...
  11. W

    Help with this selection please. Refine Edge?

    Hi everyone, I'm trying to create a really good selection of the cheetah in the photo below. I've tried the refine edge tool in cs5 and am having a couple of problems. When I use the refine edge and radius tool, it seems like I pick up more detail than my starting selection, but when I hit...
  12. S

    refine edge

    I have a granddaughter with really curly hair. I'm not having much luck with refine edge. If I use the refine radius tool it usually just erases the hair. It doesn't look like all the tutorials posted on the web.
  13. C

    When using refine edge in Photoshop CS5 some of my image goes semi transparent Help?

    Hi there I love refine edge in Photoshop CS5, but parts of my image go semi-transparent. Is there anyway I can fix this issue after Ive created my mask? Ive checked out some videos (about 6 mins 10 seconds in) PW124 - Photoshop CS5 Review - Refine Edge Tool - YouTube The guy seems to be...
  14. Dana Alley

    How do I Refine the Edges of a Stroke/Outline?

    I am working on some tag's with the Pen tool. Notice how the edges are fizzy and a bit rough. What is the best tool/technique to clean this up? My goal is to make custom shapes or brushes with these 'Tag' designs. Thanks! Dana
  15. D

    Using Refine Edge with Quick Selection

    I'm not sure what's going on over at the Adobe Photoshop forum, but I've tried three different browsers and I can't get the Create/reply buttons after I log in. So, since life's too short to put up with whatever they're doing, I'll try here... Here's the long version: I do a quick selection...