1. Q

    Remove reflections/blur wedding photo: Difficult

    Hi all. I only have a couple of photos of my husband and I from my brother's wedding and one has a lot of reflections/blur. If possible can the light issues be resolved (especially on my husband), and if the other people dancing on the right and the man in the mirror could be too that would be...
  2. K

    Aircraft Reflections

    I posted a few months ago, trying to duplicate a style I liked of another photographer and so many on this forum were so wonderful to help me, I can't thank you all enough. Still not 100% satisfied with my results, in comparison to the other artist's reflections, but here is my latest attempt...
  3. A

    Help me make my DIY project look good - combining 2 images

    Hi Guys, What I need is beyond my level of capability despite 7-8 years of teaching myself Photoshop. I made my own Fire Table the other day and am keen to show it off to my friends and family. I'd like to paste my table from the first image into the scenic image so it looks like it was there...
  4. O

    mirror refelctions

    can anyone tell me how to remove reflections from mirror pictures? I've attached a picture iv'e taken and a picture of how id like it to look.
  5. chrisdesign

    3D Blender Exercise

    In this exercise I tried out how to make pipes with bezier curves. And for the first time I found out how to do reflections.
  6. E

    Reflections and Hair Edits

    Okay, I admit. I could come up with a much better title than the one I put, but frankly I don't actually know what to call what I did. I was watching a tutorial on sunglasses reflections and though, "Hey this is cool. Let's try it!". The random picture I picked ended up irritating me in a way...
  7. M

    how can i add text to image and keep the reflection

    i want to add text and keep the flections so that the text looks real i need help
  8. B

    Changing colour of a jacket PLUS reflections! :)

    Hi Everyone, The Lady in this photo was wearing a reddish jacket and I need to change it to blue, or any colour really, I tried the hue/sat layer method and brushing it in but the problem is (if you look hard or zoom a bit) is that her friends hands, and possibly her own neck, have...