1. Paul

    Say hello to Lily

    Awesome new drone that requires no remote controller. :pimp:
  2. M

    Greetings Guru's from remote Alaska

    Hi everyone, I absolutely love photography and shoot in RAW mode with my d5000. I am limited in fancy camera bodies and lenses with my most expensive lens being the 70-300mmVR which I bought for 400 bucks. However, in the past year or so that I have been shooting RAW, I dont have any real...
  3. M

    cant use the clone stamp on a remote image

    I used to be able to clone stamp from a different image than the one I was working on. while using clone stamp I could hover over another image on the desktop, press the alt key and click, and then continue to clone the main image. I double check that the layer in question is selected etc...