1. K

    Wacky Pen tool behavior

    Hello, all- I'm on an iMac late '12 running Sierra (10.12.4) using PS CC 2017.1.1 and I'm having a problem I've never seen before with PS. I need to make clipping paths for the images delivered to a client. What happens is when I'm using the Pen tool and while creating the path, the Pick a...
  2. M

    Photoshop disables the function of rmb.

    Hey, I've run into a problem today, my ps changes function of my right mouse button so it no longer drops down the option menu. It does it for whole system not only ps. Im forced to log out or restart pc to reset it back to normal ( worked just fine yesterday. ). Any idea how to fix it ? It's...
  3. R

    Brushes The Stamp problem in Photoshop CS6

    Who can kindly help me to return the stamp in to normal condition (to cancel this black shadow) I tryed to Reset All Tools and this does not help. Thank you very much!!!
  4. pslane

    missing the "apply" box

    All of a sudden I am missing the "apply" box that needs to be clicked in order to set my editing. I reset my workplace but it's still missing. How can I fix this? Thanks pslane
  5. A

    How To Reset Camera Calibration?

    Hi, I was just testing on another photo to see what will happen if I were to increase the blue primary hue (see bottom right) on the camera calibration but then cancelled. Now everytime I open up a photo these reds colours appear. I pressed alt and reset but it does not disappear. I even opened...
  6. O

    How do I reset xmp-files?

    OS is Windows 7. So far I deleted the xmp-files in Windows Explorer and let Photoshop create new default ones again. Is there another, more convenient way from Bridge or Camera RAW?
  7. C

    Brushes Cannot Change Brushes on Layer; Help

    I'm trying to erase an area of a composite. When I use the erase or brush tool I get a brush that looks choppy or pixelated. I've tried resetting the brushes, adjusting the brush presets and even moving all of the layers from this document into another. Trial and error has told me that whatever...
  8. R

    It's turned on me and I'm starting to become frightened

    I've been using CS2 for many moons. I open a session of RAW files and they have always shown up with the last image (let's say #99) on the top of the bar/thumbnails on the left first and then all the other images in the shoot sequence (#1-98). Until recently...Now the show up upside down or...