1. Eggy


    Still too hot outside and the nearest seashore is about 220 km from here, so I made one for myself. Used these pics: and some stuff from CG Textures to get this (resized): Let me have it! :naughty:
  2. P

    Copy and paste problem

    New guy here. Just got Photoshop recently and Im still learning the ropes. My problem is this. I resized an image. I then saved it as a psd. I made a selection of an item on this image and then went to paste it onto another psd image. But when I do it pastes it at the dimensionsthat the item...
  3. M

    How to Cut Up a Long Image and Resize the Chunks

    Hi - I have a very long image that needs to be cut into individual frames of varying sizes. Those sizes all need to be batch resized to 1080p. If I "Cut Via Layer", the entire canvas is included in my cut. I need to create simple JPG files of those cuts, at their respective sizes, to be resized...
  4. B

    How do I fix photos I resized?

    The pic is 199x203 pixels, I scaled it to fit a 600x600p background and of course it looks duller. Is there a way to make it look better, like how it originally looked?