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  1. N

    Natural looking composites?

    I'm trying to switch out a wine bottle in an image I took for a brochure to be printed. It looks ok, but somehow I just feel like I can tell that its been photoshopped... Maybe it's just me, but the bottle seems to pop out a bit more than the rest of the image. What do you guys think, and what...
  2. D

    Enhance old writing on buildings

    197 Is anyone able to enhance the text on these images to make out what it says, it is a faded building sign I can make out the first two lines as that says "Mayfield Station" and the thirdline the middle part of text says "trains to" but can anyone figure out what all the rest says, I am unable...
  3. P

    Need help with having a layer only go over another layer and delete the rest of it

    Hello Photoshop Gurus, Newbie here, probably really simple but I cannot seem to figure this out, I want to have only one part of a layer go over another, and delete the rest of the layer, Here are some pictures of what I mean: I want the selection to only go over the V and the surrounding...
  4. Eggy

    Guardian Of The Wood

    Still feeling bloated from all that food and drinks during these days and no intention to move if not strictly necessary I started with two background pics and the rest is Pixelsquid and brushes. to get
  5. D

    Bringing back one colour only from a black & white converted image.

    I am fairly new to Photoshop. After converting a photo to black and white how can I then bring back one colour - for example all the orange pumpkins in a Halloween pic, but let all the rest stay black and white. Or - perhaps it is done the other way, by retaining the pumpkins colour and making...
  6. gedstar

    Photo Restore

    Just decided to have another go at a restore, needs a bit more work but my eyes need a rest :shocked: Comments welcome Before After
  7. Eggy

    Dance Macabre

    No more fun after death? I don't think so... I started with one picture, the background, and all the rest is Pixelsquid and/or obj/3DS to and no, no cameo for 'the birds'...
  8. gedstar

    2015 Adobe Photoshop Keyboard Shortcuts Cheat Sheet

    Not sure if anybody has posted this before but may come in handy for PS users And for the rest of CC applications
  9. D

    warp/distort section

    Is it possible on any version of photoshop to alter one section of a photo without changing the rest of it? Like if I'm standing in front of a kitchen sink can you distort or change the sink while leaving the rest of the photo unchanged?
  10. T

    Pop Quiz: One of These Photos has been 'shopped, and the rest have not, which one?

    So, one of these images has been Photoshoped, can you A. Guess Which one and. B. (Most importantly) tell me why you think that is the one that is fake Again, which one has been Photoshoped, and why...? :naughty: