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  1. gedstar

    Mountian Ruins

    Nothing special, just trying to get back into photo composites again, after been inspired by other members here, you know who you are :thumbsup: Images used Result
  2. C

    Help with Challenging Project: Will Pay for 4 or 5 Photos

    Hi, So, basically, I need your help photo-shopping 4 or 5 of my existing photos. I am currently using these photos on various online accounts and profiles etc. They are decent photos but I feel like they could (should) be much better. I was thinking of going to a professional photographer to...
  3. M

    How to reach this brush look?

    Hello folks, it's going to be my first post so I hope to do something it's interesting for everyone as well! Basically, I have to reproduce the same brush look inside a pattern from a fabric in a way that I can get the same look on Photoshop. The result will be transferred on a screen print...
  4. D

    Need Help Making a Product Shot into a Preview Image (for website)

    Good afternoon, I need some help please. Either with some guidance on how to achieve the result I need or (if anyone wants a challenge or has free time on their hands!) could do this for me? If the latter I'd still appreciate some guidance on what you did? Basically what I have is two Product...
  5. M

    Trying to recreate effect shown

    Hi All, I am trying to recreate the effect shown in the attached picture where it looks like the red and white object is moving as a result of the traced path. Any suggestions or help is greatly appreciated. Thank you
  6. A

    Drone aerial wetland creation

    Hi there, for my design project this semester I am proposing a wetland type area on a floodplain of a woodland, I am not such a newbie per say, but I'd love some thoughts on how to improve this visual I have created, because I wanted it to shown the wetland in winter, but as a result it looks...
  7. T

    How To Make Objects Float in Your Photos

    A tutorial for beginners of Photoshop. Take your time and you can pull the best detail for the end result!
  8. G

    How to get this photoshop image on a transparent background?

    I've been following this tutorial here: and I managed to get a nice final result but I would like to have this on a transparent background instead of black. I have also tried to work on a transparent layer in the first place and make an additional...
  9. Eggy

    3D 3D Typography Golden A Filigree

    With this one I pushed PS 3D to his limits. I'll explain but this is the result I spent the most part of my day with a 3D project with 31 layers = 3D objects. Not even half way PS started to stutter and lagging and most important, it kicked me out 6 times. The only conclusion is that if you...
  10. fredfish

    B & W Conversion

    Some of the students I am working with are working on producing a Graphic Novel in the vein of Sin City as part of their course. As a number of them aren't particularly adept with painting tools (although some of them are absolutely great!) they were given the option of taking some high...
  11. M

    Can I get some advice for this? TIA!

    Me and my Gf is in long distance relationship, so I decided to do this just for fun, but my knowledge in Photoshop brought me to this result :( can I have any advice for me to improve this project? any help will be highly appreciated. :cheesygrin:
  12. I

    Need tips to paint manga

    I desire to paint with that realism and quality, i compare a picture of mine and other that i want to do exactly. I tried it with ps cs6 but no result. thanks guys.
  13. E

    Assymetric round shapes

    hi guys how do u make shapes like these? round cornered but assymetric random style i made this using warp but i didnt like the result is there any other way to do this shapes?
  14. A

    Picture transform - help needed :)

    Hello, I have the following problem. I need to change some photographed pictures into let say symbols. I have an example here how it should look like: Photo: Symbol: s there any program for this? I hope that someone can give me advice how is the best way to do it. Thank you all in...
  15. ZeroCool22

    Battlelfield badass kid.

    This was for a PS Battle on reddit. Pic given: Final result:
  16. L

    How to make text look like this (ink printer printed)

    Hey guys, I have tried different methods, but I couldn't achieve good result... I want my text in text box to look exactly (or as close as possible) as the one in this picture: Any ideas?
  17. N

    Polarization Filter?

    one company sells such polarization filter for dentistry to better see colors. what adjustments should i play with to achieve similar result? to better see dentin/enamel difference (dentin is yellow ; enamel is blue)
  18. ugur

    Weird Cat

    There is one stock here, the cat: And two other pictures are taken by me. I remember that once this type of animals are very famous but everyone is get bored, except me :) Result:
  19. A

    Please HELP

    Hello Guys, I've been recently in London for a 3-day trip and took some pictures. I have this picture here that was so beautiful if these two old people did not take part in the picture. Please can someone help me to erase the elderly couple from my picture and have a clear image of the...
  20. N

    Switch 2 colours of an image

    Good evening, I am trying to switch 2 colours of the image below: The green colour should be black (#000000). The yellow colour should be green (#21b04a). I tried to do this myself, but I got this pretty ugly result: Btw, only the stripes should change and not the Sun etc. The result is...