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save for web

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    Saving Designs For Tshirt Printing

    Hello PS Version CC 2018 Just wanted to know what would be the best way to save/ export a design for printing on tshirts. I need to save them at 300 Dpi and in PNG format So far, I've been doing Saving For Web but I wonder if that's the proper way of saving designs for prints Please advise...
  2. D

    Need help optimizing for web

    I have some images that has been used for print and now they need to go on the web and I need them to be around 800 - 1000 px wide. For instance is one image an .eps file with the dimensions 980x600px at a resolution of 300. If I save it as a .jpg with quality set to 8 out of 12 I get a file...
  3. F

    CS6 "Save For Web" Not Prompting For Filename/Location, etc

    Hi, Consider the following workflow(Windows Environment): 1.Open Photoshop 2. File ---> Open a raw file "1234.CR2" from Folder1 (opens in ACR, click "Open Image" button to xfer to PS) 3. File ---> Save As, when the dialog opens, create a new folder, "Folder2" inside Folder1, save the file...
  4. H

    Stop Tiling BackGround when using save for web and preview

    Please can someone advise me. I am using CS6 and have been using Photoshop for many years. I have created several one page graphics and posted them to the web with no issue. Just 2 days ago all my artwork and including any downloaded templates are being displayed as tiled images! I have change...
  5. M

    HELP - Batch action with Save for Web overwrites existing images.

    Hi, I am trying to use actions with batch, so edit a bunch of images. It has always worked for me, but suddenly it starts overwriting the images, because it uses the same name for all images it edits. How do i make the Save for Web use the images existing filenames, so it dont create one...
  6. W

    Photoshop CS4 Save For Web problem?

    I am using Photoshop CS4 on Windows 7. When I try to save a Sliced PSD file using "Save for Web" as a JPEG, the software changes most of the slices to GIF images. The image mode is set to 16 bit and I enter the Format as "JPEG High Quality" in the Save for Web box. I just can't figure out the...
  7. B

    Red colour pixelation - requires higher quality than normal. Why?

    Hi, I've had for quite some time now a frustrating problem as a web designer - the need to save an image (nav button for example) at a much higher quality when it contains the colour red. Normally I will save a button at a quality of (using 'save for web') of around 45 to a max of 55, but...
  8. J

    Paths and save for web

    I've got around 1000 images that I need to reduce in size and save for web, to later upload onto my website. All the images have clipped paths and, whilst the paths remain when I reduce the size of the image, if I try to reduce them further by going to Save for Web, I lose the paths. Can I...