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CS6 "Save For Web" Not Prompting For Filename/Location, etc


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Hi, Consider the following workflow(Windows Environment):
1.Open Photoshop

2. File ---> Open a raw file "1234.CR2" from Folder1 (opens in ACR, click "Open Image" button to xfer to PS)

3. File ---> Save As, when the dialog opens, create a new folder, "Folder2" inside Folder1, save the file psd there w/ the default name of 1234.psd

4. File ---> Save For Web, click Save button

It does not prompt me for anything, and the dialog disappears.

5. File---> Save For Web again, click Save button,

This time, it opens the prompt dialog, and I can see that the last Save For Web created a file called "Folder2.jpg"(the name of the folder I created when saving the psd) inside a folder, "Folder3" that was the save location of THE LAST "Save For Web" in a PREVIOUS PHOTOSHOP SESSION.

Why did it default to creating a jpg with the name of the most recently created folder from the current session, "Folder2" (instead of the current loaded filename, 1234.whatever) into the folder last used by Save For Web in a previous session?? This can't be right. It is NOTHING like the behavior in CS4. It is as if all communication between Photoshop itself and "Save For Web" is broken... Not sure if I can explain it any clearer, but has anyone else seen this? Thanks
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How long have you had CS6? Did this just start happening? Have you tried resetting Photoshops preferences?

This is how to reset your preferences in Photoshop: Press-and-hold Command-Option-Shift on a Mac or Ctrl-Alt-Shift on a PC, while you start Photoshop. As you start the program you will get a pop-up dialog asking you if you would like to delete the settings file. Deleting the file will create a new set of preferences from scratch.
I couldn't replicate your workflow as once the raw file is opened you cannot do...
...File ---> Save As, create folder "Folder2" inside Folder1 ...
...your step #3.

In order to save the file as a PSD I first need to finish editing with Camera Raw but after doing so I still couldn't replicate the problem.

You didn't stipulate whether you are using the 'Extended' version of CS6 or not but as far as I'm aware any raw file opened via PS should open in Camera Raw first...regardless.

You make no reference to Camera Raw so I can only assume that raw files are being opened directly in PS and not Camera Raw as normal.

If your installation of Camera Raw has become corrupt and PS is unable to access it then this may be part of the problem, but Its difficult to say for sure.

Without being able to replicate your workflow, let alone the problem, its difficult to suggest anything specific to try.

Resetting the prefs files as IamSam has already suggested is therefore the most logical thing to try first.

Thanks. Sorry guys, I'll try to be a little clearer. First, I should have mentioned, yes, first thing I tried was resetting prefs, no change. Coming from CS4, just started to try CS6 on a borrowed laptop, was never working properly for me (or the owner, who never used Save for Web) Re: step 3, etc. yes the file originally opens in ACR, I'll edit the OP to reflect that. If you would, have a look back at my edited post & see if it makes any more sense. The issue seems to be w/ the way that Save For Web and Photoshop CS6 are communicating recent file/pathnames with each other, and it is markedly different than CS4, which, when Saving For Web, ALWAYS prompts for a file/folder the FIRST time for any given working file in PS.