1. P

    Any leads for fixing variably stretched images from a scanner?

    So I have an obscure problem. I take timelapses using computer scanners. Right now I am watching a fungus colonize legumes (tempeh). The motor and/or belt on one of my scanners is acting up. In some photos it will go a bit slower on some portions of the scanner platen, which has the effect of...
  2. J


    Have come across VueScanx64, a tool to enable me to edit in WORD a text that has been scanned on my flatbed scanner hp3970. This tool is said to be compatible with Windows 10, as the flatbed scanner is not fit for purpose without applying VueScanx64. The attached 5 images are self-explanatory...
  3. P

    Which Scanner

    Hi I'm looking in to buying a quality scanner to scan old photographs so I am able to repair and re-touch them. I operate a mac and my budget could push to around £350. Can anyone direct me or advise me on a scanner that would suit my needs even if it goes outside my budget I would consider it...
  4. O

    Using Photoshop for scanned images

    Hello all, I am wondering if someone can help please? I have recently been looking at uploading some photos of my invitation cards to my website. I have looked at using my camera and also my scanner. Now although my camera quality seems to be better, I feel that using a scanner can offer...
  5. MikeMc

    Pointers needed

    This one is just fighting me...Everything tried...still not happy. This is a lousy scan, but all that I have. The colors are poor due to awful camera (suspect is a 126 instamatic) , a dirty scanner glass and damage to the photo by poor storage. Any help on how to restore the background is needed.
  6. peta62

    Scanner parameters

    Hello, I hope this question can go into this thread, feel free to move it into more proper one if not ;-) I have tons of analog pictures and I would like to get them into computer and of course process in Photoshop. I have very bad experience with scanners about ten years ago, mainly...
  7. H

    CS5 / Twain-scanner / Multiple pages-issue

    Hi, I'm trying to scan multiple pages with an CanoScan Lide 200 Scanner working under Mac OS 10.6. I have acivated the Scanner directly in Photoshop via the latest Twain plugin. The problem is, that the scanner window closes after each scan. When I'm trying to scan multiple pages, I have to...