1. mikecox

    Add screenshot to layer

    I had been using the Brush tool but it stopped being active for some reason, while trying to get it active again I pressed a key combination, by mistake, that added a recent screen shot to my layers panel. I have no idea what combination was but I was so excited to see it happen because it...
  2. M

    Vectorize images please? **NEED ASAP!)

    The files are huge, so I will have to share them via dropbox but I have screenshots. Just vectorize the text and background, not the photo images of the dogs. here are screenshots for examples:
  3. L

    Help achieving a certain photo effect

    Hiya everyone, I'm new to this forum. I was hoping I could get some help identifying the technique used to achieve an effect in Photoshop like the ones in these images. They are screenshots from a videogame, the photos I will be editing are screenshots from the same game. Hopefully that doesn't...
  4. A

    Pixel Aspect Ratio Correction help?

    Hi there everybody. I use Photoshop CS6 to make animated gifs from movies. I do this by opening the movie in VLC and taking screenshots, which I save to a folder. I open them in Photoshop by creating a document the same size as the screenshot, and then dragging the screenshots into the canvas...