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    Apply Image help

    I was watching a video where the guy had a duplicate layer that he had done some liquify work done on it. Then he opens a .tif that adds grain to the photo and copies and pastes it. Then sets that layer to overlay. Then uses apply image like this. What exactly is that doing?
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    Normal or widescreen?

    Hello Is it possible to tell if a digital camera has its settings at normal as opposed to widescreen? I have downloaded two sets of images from two different cameras. One set of photos downloads at a resolution of 96 pixels/inch, 3254px wide x 2448px high; the other set of photos has a 72...
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    Actions Paint the moon action sets

    Hi, I am looking at buying the Paint the moon - Grace collection action sets. Has anyone bought this, or any other of her other action sets? Are they any good? Worth the money spent? Thanks!
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    Multiple Guide Sets for Photoshop CS5 or better.

    I was asked on the Adobe forum if it was possible to have multiple Guide Sets, and I came up with this script. This script will only work in Photoshop CS5 or better! This script will allow you save multiple guide sets. You can add or remove quide sets. Guide sets can be appended to existing...