1. J

    Specific Photoshop name "Jason" on to chest like it was written in marker

    Would anyone be able to photoshop my name, Jason on to this girls chest as if it was written in marker?
  2. B

    Specific Can someone please edit my snorkeling photo

    I'd like it if someone could make me tanner, make my butt look bigger and perkier/waist smaller, and also add some cool fish into the water if possible!:) Thank you so much!
  3. Y

    Specific Can make my house perfect with a good peinture and céramique ?

    Can make my house perfect with a good peinture and céramique ?
  4. The Boss

    new guy

    whats up guys, I'm 32 male lookin to better my PS skillz!! lookin for tuts, and request to better myself...
  5. K

    It might get famous! We really need someone.

    Hello, This is my unfortunately complex request. It is for a cover for a story about things such ancient mythological creatures in today's world. It's honestly not as bad as it sounds! We have a signed deal from HarperTeen! Nonetheless, I would be grateful if you would photoshop this: (The...
  6. J

    How did he do this?? Gorgeous colors??

    Ok, I am checking out my favorite fashion Photograper, Greg Kadel. Im lookng at the photoshop work and I can't figuer out how he gets his colors to be so crisp and real. Any ideas?? Here are links to his work. He also keeps the skin looking natural even though its photoshopped. But the colors...
  7. Paul

    Sexy Babe

    This is a working of another image i have and i thought she would like her make over, what do you think?