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    Gloss effect on images

    Hi again. I'm trying to make a flat looking image of a headboard look a little more realistic by adding a gloss to it. Is there a way to add gloss or highlight in photoshop? I have tried the dodge tool with no success. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
  2. M

    Creating a glass pendant shine

    Hi all, I could use some help. I am making these pendants, and I need to make a template photo so that I can drop in different pictures behind a layer that makes it look like a glass dome/cabochon is there. The "glass" layer is what I need to know how to make. I want all my photos to look the...
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    Help making light shine through a shape or design, like a cutout or stencil

    What I'm saying is basically you have a black background, and a shape is cutout of it and light is shining through. Like a jack-o-lantern, but that's not what I'm making. I've seen a tutorial with text but I'm doing a shape with much thicker lines than text. I'm not looking for any kind of...
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    Removing Camera Shine

    Is there a quicker way to remove camera shine? I have to individually do several pictures. I was hoping there was a way to batch edit several photos at once. I tried the ShineOff photoshop extension and it doesn't work that well in my opinion.